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  1. I took a look at your website, Daniella, and think it is "spot on"! The very best fortune to you! Betty Danis Data & Document MD
  2. Patrick, I think this is a fabulous idea! Virtual Assistance is a great opportunity for many folks - including and especially those who have a disability that prevents them from working outside the home. Also, part of my business is working with individuals, particularly seniors and persons with disabilities, in a variety of areas! Good luck to you and your comrades! Betty Danis
  3. Hi, all - It's Betty reporting again with an update on Data & Document MD. I just want to say what a wonderful brotherhood/sisterhood Virtual Assistants are! Through networking with them, I found an amazing logo designer (Layne Tinsley, Administrative Sparkle), an incredible mentor (Marilyn Stafford, Alliance Virtual Services), a gifted web-designer (Maribeth Lewis-Baker, Breckenridge Free Ride), and even WON free registration to Sue Kramer Harrawood's (Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance) "Exceptional Subcontractor" e-course! I can't remember when I've felt so excited and encouraged about the direction I'm taking. I'm truly fortunate to have found such a great group of people!
  4. Thanks, Tawnya, for the Logo info. I did receive your email but have been on a little vacation for a few days. I will definitely check out both options! Betty
  5. Emily - I've been scouring the clipart sites you referred to and am finding some really good stuff. Thank you so much! Betty
  6. Hello, Meghan - My name is Betty Danis and my Virtual business is Data & Document MD. I just posted on the "introduce yourself" forum and, in that post, I said that I'm looking for someone to design a logo for me. This is most definitely not my area of expertise! Would you have any interest in this? As I said in my other post, I can pay or trade services. I do thank you for the info on openclipart and hasslefreeclipart and plan to take a look at those sites to see if I can find a general idea of what I want. But I really want to look like the professional that I am and believe I need an expert to help me do that. If you're interested please reply to this post! Betty
  7. Welcome to Data & Document MD. My name is Betty Danis and I'm a Virtual Assistant specializing in writing, editing, proofreading, electronic research, data entry, bookkeeping, client management, and general organizing techniques. I gear my work towards "public service companies" (like municipalities and other small government organizations, special districts, workforce centers, senior centers, and not-for-profits. I also pride myself on the work I do for individuals needing assistance in all or any of my specialty areas - anything from constructing a simple cover letter to finding the right health care professional or insurance coverage to typing, proofing, and editing "The Great American Novel". I worked "in-office" as an Administrative Manager for the Public Works Department (our "unsung" heroes!) of the Town of Breckenridge, Colorado for 26 years. However, a great deal of that work was done virtually from my home or while I was traveling. Since my retirement (in 2012), I have been working virtually from home on a part-time basis (taking care of personal issues as well as working with a few clients). My "life situation" demands that I continue to work part-time (15-20 hours/week) but it's time for me to go public. I have purchased a domain name for my website and plan on having that up and running within the next month. Stay tuned for updates on that! Right now, I am really in need of a logo - for my website, my business cards, and other marketing materials. This kind of design is not my area of expertise ( ) so if there's anyone out there that can work with me on that, I'd LOVE to hear from you! I can pay you or trade work - whatever works for you! I'm so happy to be a part of this forum and this great organization! Cheers! Betty Danis, Data & Document MD
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