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  1. Hi everyone! I've been a member on here since June 2015 and I launched my VA biz in July 2015. I haven't been too active here but I definitely plan on being more active for now on. I am still a newbie to this whole virtual assistant business but I just wanted to offer a little bit of advice on some things that I learned from running my VA biz: One thing that I'm learning is that I only need to offer services that I truly enjoy doing. It's not good to get a client who requests services, that you offer on your website, and you almost dread doing it. Well that's happened to me a few times. At first I was thinking I should be offering all the services that virtual assistants could ever be doing. I was going to learn new things, even if I didn't truly enjoy it, just so I can offer it as services on my website. You know trying to be everything to everybody. Nope, not a great idea as I found out. Email clean up, management and creating newsletters were a few tasks I dreaded. Despite the fact that I am proficient with MailChimp and Constant Contact those are a couple of the services I stopped offering. (But I don't hate those tools because they are excellent tools to offer to your clients) I think it's important to realize that this is your business, do what you truly enjoy. If you want to offer a lot of different services on your website and you truly enjoy doing it...by all means do it! But if you're like me, narrowing it down to just a few skills, then that's perfectly fine too! I narrowed it down website building WordPress and other platforms, social media creation and internet research...those are it, those are what I love to do! Remember it's your business you run like it like you want to, do what makes you happy. Oh and if a client requests a service I don't offer, which has only happened to me twice, I just refer them to another VA that does that service. I'm learning networking with other VA's really helps you in the long run because we learn from one another. There's enough money to be made by all of us out here. Here's a link to my website btw allgoodva.com
  2. Hi Debbie first I have to say how much I like your website. I love the look and navigation of it! But I know exactly what you mean by getting new clients. I secured my first client since launching VA business last month, June 2015, here in the city I live in. Instead of business cards I handed out business flyers to a few businesses here in my town. About 3 weeks after I gave out my first business flyers, I got a call from a yoga studio here in town who needed help with her website and social media presence. Although I don't have a string of clients, yet, I am greatly encouraged and I just keep marketing myself and engaging my followers on social media. I hope this helps.
  3. Hopefully this subject will still get going. I'm looking for some likes to my business FB page also and I will like yours back. My business page name is Allgoodva so look for that name when I like your biz page. Thx!
  4. Thanks Tawyna! I'm located in Greenville, MS (the heart of the mighty blues delta)! But I'm originally from St. Louis, Mo. I'm also a proud wife, mother and grandmother My target audience is something I'm still working on, but I'm opening myself up to being able to help any business or small organization I can. Because I used to run own online clothing & accessory store, I definitely would love to help those types of business. But I also helped brick and mortar stores in the city I live in such as a hair salon, a real estate office and a church organization.
  5. I'm Melanie Allgood and I am a newbie! Excited about my brand new virtual assistant business, Allgood Virtual Assistant LLC. I just recently resigned from my job at a hotel, but I still do customer service work at home. I am really focused on getting my virtual assistant business off the ground and getting new clients. I have done work for other businesses long before I started my virtual assistant biz. Up until about 3 months ago, I never head of the term "Virtual Assistant". I'm like so that's what I was doing on the side at times. My business website is http://www.allgoodvirtualassistant.com. I also purchased the domain http://www.allgoodva.com Of course both names go to the same website. I have looked at several other VA's websites and I am really impressed. I believe I still need quite a bit of work on mine, but I am looking for constructive criticisms from the more experienced VA's in order to improve my website. Thanks and I'm so glad I found this forum!
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