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  1. Do any of you manage your clients' blogs? What do you do for them? Is there a course on how to do this? Inquiring minds want to know Thanks! Jodi
  2. Thank you, Janine! Yes I absolutely agree! I have explained to her that I want to help but that she really should try to set some time aside and figure out what it is she wants to let go of. She has been unable (and I think on some level unwilling) to do this. She ignores my calls to her and hasn't given me direct responses to any questions I pose to her. I have to message her every morning to find out when I am to come in and help her. At this point I truly don't think she's willing to take the time to help me do my job and it saddens me. She hired me to help her organize her thoughts and business and she's no further along than when I started. She has been continuously posting on facebook how great her other assistant is awesome and all of the physical work she does with the does as well as the business stuff...making no mention of any hopes she has for me to help her in her endeavors. i have decided that I need to be even more proactive, so where or not I am scheduled to be in early, I will show up and firmly ask to talk. We'll see how it all pans out. Thanks so much! Jodi
  3. Thank you, Danielle! I did create and email the type of list that you suggested and I hope that helped her. She has called me off the job for 2 days now saying she's just not sure what she wants me to do. I don't want to tell her how or what to do with her business but I am concerned she and her other assistant are just running on their hamster wheels and not pausing to reflect on how someone else can help. I appreciate your thoughts! Thanks! Jodi
  4. Hi everyone, While I do VA work, I am also working for a local pet rescue as her assistant doing onsite work and some work from home stuff. I am having an issue with communication and need some advice! I was hired to do vaccines and microchips, as well as research/write grants, fundraising, general business organization (physical and paperwork) and generally help support this wonderful woman in her new business. I have only worked for her 2 days...and I still am not sure what she needs me to do, despite my constant efforts to help take the administrative load off of my employer. She has an another assistant who has been helping her from day 1 and according to our convo yesterday she cannot pinpoint things she needs done. I think she needs to let go of some things and delegate, but being so new I don't know how or what exactly I am to do. Her assistant is also unsure, as she also does all of the paperwork and physical errands for her. I told her I want to help but she has to communicate her needs to me...she called me off the job today saying she has so much to think about that she can't get it out of her head and tell me what she needs. Sounds like she has some time management/communication issues but please give me some tips to help her. I am aware that without her guidance I can't do much but even saying to her to please write down 5 tasks for me to do today had her crippled with indecision. I believe in her work rescuing animals and I want to ease the strain on her but how do I help? Can it be done? Thanks! Jodi
  5. Thanks Tawnya! I want to ask her but she just started her rescue business 4 months ago and what little money she has goes directly to the animals...I am afraid to ask for her business since I am so excited for this opportunity and don't want her to say sorry and find someone else. The job does require some work from home and some onsite (which I am happy with) BUT I don't want to push her. She says 4 hours per day would be her max @ $11/an hour with some weeks me working 15 hours and some 30 hours. I would feel awful charging her $20 an hour for that. Or...maybe I could charge $20 for VA work and $10 for onsite stuff..but I see getting trapped in that "Can you just do one more thing for me while you are here" thinking. Thoughts?? Thanks a bunch! Jodi
  6. Hi folks! I have a predicament that I would love your help with! I am an animal nurse and also have many, many years of experience with office management and other office/administration. I have been looking for something to do part-time since my daughter started school and answered an ad on craigslist for a personal assistant to a pet rescue organization locally. Imagine my delight!! Doing a little bit of everything, including learning how to build websites and grantwriting...as well as intake and animal care and office stuff and the option to also do a majority of the stuff from home. Then she said she didn't know how she would pay me...ugh. Fast forward to a few days later when interviewing with our local humane society's executive director who stated that SHE was doing all of the hiring and paperwork and they had no employee or p&p manual and no cross-training, etc. Feelers went up. So...would it be possible to turn this part-time job..into a VA business?? I will charge the $10 the pet rescue lady said she would pay me for a year to get my feet wet and get a handle on this working from home thing. And learn grant writing and website stuff on my own time. Still have the issue of how she is going to pay me, as nonprofits are strapped as it is. What should I do?? I am meeting with her tomorrow to discuss the wish list of things that she would like me to accomplish. Should I go out on a limb and ask her to be my first client?? Seriously need some help on this ASAP...thanks!!!!! Jodi
  7. Hi Ladies! I have seen lots of ads online for doing VA work from outsourcing websites...are these real jobs? I am leary of applying only to get scammed! I have lots of reception/customer service/office management experience and would like to get a taste of working as a VA from home first before I strike out on my own. Any tips or good companies to recommend? I am needing something part-time so I can work virtually 5 or so hours a day to accomodate my kiddo. Any help appreciated! Thanks! Jodi
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