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    I love being able to help others to See the Light at the end of their daily tasks! Enjoy all types of tasks but my niche is Real Estate since I have over 25 years experience in it! So contact me to help you complete those daily tasks and give you more face to face time! But love to learn new things and technology! Also am certified in Social Media, Infusionsoft, and WP Optimize Press too!

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  1. I would love to have the New Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z computer like I said I am a Real Estate VA been in biz since 2006 and want to take my business to a higher level and need a computer upgrade to a more powerful processor and the large screen would make it lots easier with the programs that I use for my clients! Thanks so much for such a wonderful opportunity! Your great to offer this and I love VANA and all that you offer! You gave the the push that I needed to get my business started in the beginning! Have a great day all! Sandra Sims P.S. Good Luck to All!
  2. Hi Jennifer, I have a Agent that uses Sharper Agent for one website is http://www.sharperagent.com and he uses another program called Highrise website is http://www.highrise.com. But several of us Real Estate VA's use Central Desk Top and that works pretty well too! Site at http://centraldesktop.com and I like it very much. So this should give you a few to check out! Virtually! Sandra
  3. Well most of my clients use Relay as well but I do hope that others sign in and tell more about the different transaction systems they are using. Nice to know about others. Good Luck on your decision Melanie!
  4. I was in love with Donny too when growing up. I had posters of him all over my room! I am so glad he won Dancing with the Stars! And I thought that he did a wonderful job! GOOO DONNY!!!
  5. Wow! that is fantastic, Great Job Tawnya! Congrats!!!!
  6. Tawnya, Boy I sure do hope that FB finds your biz page especially with all of that extra work that you have put into it!!!! Surely they will find it! It does make you think about where all to market yourself on the social media networks and that you shouldn't put all of your eggs into one basket like you said! I learned that when I took the Social Media Marketing course from VAClassroom. Just know it will get better! Sandra
  7. What about bluehost.com? I would check into them and see what they have to offer too!
  8. Tawnya, Well I had a bad experience when I first opened my account with them with someone trying to commit fraud and they were not the easiest people to work with on this! So I closed my account and have not opened another one as of yet with them. I want to do some affiliate stuff but everyone so far requires a Paypal account which I don't want. I due hope that you can get at least some of your monies back that is alot of money maybe not to you in retrospect but to most people it sure would be!!! Good Luck and keep us posted.
  9. Welcome Jonna, to VANetworking! I live in Charlotte NC which isn't that far away! Nice meeting you here being a Carolina neighbor and all. Little ones grow-up fast my son just started his first year in college! Oh you think your son is old just you wait!!! Well good luck in your VA business and REPA & REVA's Rock! Let's network together! Sandra
  10. Hey Arnold, Do you need any more people or do U have your 25? I am interested it you need someone else. Just send me a PM. Thks, Sandra
  11. Thanks for my B-day wishes! Patty & Tawnya! It has been good so far!
  12. Thanks so very much for that link Erin! Good Luck to all that enter! Sandra
  13. Fantastic job Gillian! I like your website! I need to get on the ball and get mine finished! I am trying to figure it all out as to how I want to do my content and all. Lots to think about.
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