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  1. @lily - very pracmatic way. Fully with you, but may be some clients do not want this. Could a PaySafe-Card be a alternative? @all - Any other experience?
  2. @lily - Thanks. Yes this is a big part. I mention to interview, check background (digital footprint) and start with small steps/work. After 2-3 times of good 30min jobs you can increase and also start to train for specific task. Anything else?
  3. Good day, how do you handle the payment, when booking a travel journey or ordering stuff for a client? Do they give you the credit card credentials? Or do they give you a prepaid credit card? Would like to collect some ideas based on your experience. To share in my german blog on how to work with a VA. Thanks for help, Charly
  4. Good day, I am new to this forum. Just joined because I am preparing and translating my online course (www.shadowmountains.pub) on how to hire a freelancer/virtual assistant from german into english. In october I start recording. But actualy I do have the possibility make some improvements in the course as well. Therfore I would like to know if you have any whishes or topic you would like your potential clients are aware. What should they know before hiring you? What should I teach them? Where are the pain points from your perspective? Looking forward to get lot of feedback to give my course a added value and make your life as a VA easier. Let's work together, thanks Charly
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