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  1. How could I have missed this post? And kudos to your membership site @markofapproval I've been on the forum since 2016 (I think) but I remember your posts (even in a FB group, can't recall the name).
  2. I think for the small freelancer or business such as a virtual assistant unless they're writing and producing content for a blog, or actively working on things for keywords, then you may not place in SERPS. However, if you want local clients or want to position yourself as an expert in a particular software or technique, you definitely can rank for it. Ex. Elna Cain, freelance writer (search words and phrases on how to become a freelance writer or how to get jobs as a new freelance writer) She dominates it. She did it with intention and now she's is THE expert on the topic.
  3. I usually get my clients organically or through referrals. My very first client (on Fiverr) was actually from a Tweet I posted. Not a "fiverr gif" tweet, but one that shared my expertise. I've also had people contact me via Instagram - I post "Your Blogger Assistant can help with..." type of posts every so often and it's how I got 2 clients. Other clients contact me via FB - organically - as I don't promote on my personal profile. The clients who connect with me there are usually Group members and have followed me and interacted with me for some time. For quick clients who know what they want I'm with Tawnya, RFP. (there is an ebook from a member on how best to do this.)
  4. Create your own (via Michele Shaeffer)
  5. I've used Fiverr with okay results. I used a top seller with thousands of results for Keyword 'report' which was simply a copy of what I could do on Google. In July, I started looking for a job. I was told I was too old and that I was out of work for way too long. I decided to use a well-known website to offer my personal assistant services locally. I invested in a background check, and a pro. profile to boost my visibility. My experience as an office worker (15 years) was rejected as being too old. I then decided to offer nanny services as I'm a mom. Again my experience was rejected this time because I wasn't paid to do these services. Finally, I thought I could be an Uber driver. My car did not meet standards by 1-year. I had two choices by the time August came around. I could wallow in self-pity or do something. I chose to offer my office skills (virtual personal assistant) on Fiverr. Previously I was only a customer so it was a gamble. I've been blessed with the clients I received. Yes, it's only $5/hour (now $5/ 30-min), but it is a whole lot better than $0. [actually it's more like $4/hour as Fiverr takes a 20% cut] It's definitely not for everyone, but it is (was) something for me.
  6. Hi. It's so nice to meet you. I came across Reese via an FB group. Great stuff. Looks like you should subcontract some of your work, especially if you don't like doing something. I'm sure you'll run into someone on here who uses a VA team.
  7. screencastomatic is what I use, but googling mac and screencapture video came up with this result: http://www.loopinsight.com/2014/01/08/your-macs-built-in-screen-recorder/
  8. Starting out I charge hourly, but know retainers and packages have been suggested to me. This makes sense because it helps set boundaries.
  9. Instead of writing about your services, write about your clients problems. Example: If you offer writing as a service, tap into the pain point of your client. "I hate writing. The ideas in my head just don't come out the same way on the screen. How can I draw traffic to my site if I hate writing?" Now, you write a post solving this by offering writing, content ideas, templates, etc. 1. You are mirroring their problem 2. You understand their problem 3. You have the solution to their problem
  10. I continued the daily Scopes so I don't go back into hiding. Right now I'm doing a series of Productivity tips M-F 10 am PST. I try to keep them at about 5 minutes (try).
  11. I've seen people do this on Periscope and YES, it is very helpful. I think the aspect of monitoring people, booting out the creepers, and welcoming the new people is a plus. I think that transcriptionists would be great at this as you can transcribe the scopes and blabs into documents taking out all the clutter. It can be used as an audio, a video, points in a powerpoint, and a pdf download. Blabiscope VA
  12. My first conference. Looking forward to hearing from all the wonderful speakers.
  13. What's your periscope ID so I can follow you? Mine is @vanetworking I'm @duggansara over there. After the 31st, all my videos will be taken down. I do have them transferred to youtube for reference. One day I will watch them all to see the growth. I know my feelings of nervousness has gone down since that very first one. I'll be sure to follow you, Tawnya.
  14. I know what these mean, but I can't explain it well, but I will try. Keyword-rich - Words you are focusing on that your clients search Google for i.e. WordPress help, Virtual Assistant, etc. in the article she/he points out: Are you on a WordPress self-hosted site? You can add the plugin by Yoast (SEO and Analytics) https://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/seo/ Using the plugin makes it so you don't have to mess with the code PLUS it helps with all the good things for Social Media. Meta-file: Original Article said: I'm not sure, but I think the Yoast plugin will take care of this as well. I use Genesis framework (theme) which has a place where I can put this description. Also, Yoast will add a few boxes at the end of each page and post and all you have to do is add your Keyword and the description. It even gives you a preview of what it looks like in Google Search. I know this is probably still overwhelming - it was to me when I first started. Little by little it will become clear. If all else fails, hire a V.A. to take care of it for you. LOL p.s. link to post http://webmarketingtoday.com/articles/checklist/
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