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  1. I don't see any links anywhere on the site that take you to the job board.
  2. Sounds to me that your client is a little confused. He seems to think you work for him. Bottom line, you work for yourself. Your rates are your rates. Period. Don't feel sorry for him or concerned about how he'll feel. He knows darn well he can't hire good help for less. When you set your rates, you need to think about paying for your rent, bills, medical / dental, retirement, investments, vacation. You aren't doing yourself a favor by cutting yourself short and you aren't doing the industry any favors either. I work off of retainer. My clients pay a flat rate for me by the month. I let them sign with me for 90 days at a time and we renew at the end of that period. That allows either of us to cut free from each other if we decide we don't want to do business with each other anymore. When you work on retainer, you rationalize that you expect to do 15 hours a week (for example) or a client at $20/hr. That's $300/wk, $1200/mo. That way, you get paid whether they go on vacation or not. As do you. I was on a 7 day cruise in the Bahamas over New Years. I worked a little each day and I mean no more than a half-hour but I was still paid for a set amount of hours for the month. And trust me, I spend more than two hours a day working for my client. But when he's gone for two weeks, I'm still paid whether bits and pieces trickle through for him or not.
  3. I'm curious how many of you work on retainer. I do but after attending the virtual assistants webinar, it seems most of you charge hourly.
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