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  1. Hi! I am just starting out and have a few questions? 1. What calendar software does everyone use? (i.e. Gmail? Outlook? Other?) etc? What are the pros and cons of each? 2. What email system does everyone use? (i.e. Gmail? Outlook? Other?) etc? Also what are the pros and cons of each? 3. When you go and meet a local client (either prospective or current), how do you dress? Do you dress in a business suit? Business Casual? 4. When on a Skype video call with a client or prospect, do you dress up for the call? Also what about location? I have a set up in my bedroom but could easily move to another room in my house (basement, kitchen, living room). Does it matter what your "office" looks like? Sorry for all the questions. I am finding this forum and all of you to be of tremendous help. Lots of great advice.
  2. Would a Bluetooth headset work? I have one that I use that connects to my iPhone and iPad and I use it at the gym for music but I can also receive calls. It's wireless so I can move around freely when talking (if not on video).
  3. Love it. Thanks for the suggestion. Once I have my logo and website set up I will create my signature.
  4. I don't plan on offering this service because my main phone is my cell and I don't want it ringing at all hours. But great advice if I ever change my mind about this.
  5. I put my cell number on my business cards but don't say it is a cell. It isn't worth it for me to have a business line as I rarely ever use my phone for business. The only time I've ever used it for business is when I am trying to secure a new client. You can get a real phone number with Skype as well. I was thinking the same thing. I don't have a landline and use my cell to make personal phone calls so I was thinking of putting my cell number on my business card. Thanks for the suggestion of not putting that it's a cell number. Do you find that you have clients calling you at strange hours? (off business hours)?
  6. This is a great list. Number 4 - personal loves. I love fitness so I think that will be one of my niches. I want to work with people in the fitness industry, i.e. online trainers, life coaches, nutritionists, wellness coaches. Thanks for making one of my niches a little easier!!
  7. Glad I found this. This is one of the niches I am going for as well. I am very passionate about health, fitness and wellness and am definitely going to explore this option.
  8. Thanks for the article however, the writer lost me after the first one. I have no idea what by keyword-rich or meta file.
  9. Great name. I am still trying to think of a name for mine as well.
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