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  1. Morning All Please allow me to introduce myself... as you can see I'm a big music fan! Know the song? Have just got started and will offer social media and email marketing plus web design and blog management. Recently finished my site www.virtualeap.com and look forward to making many more and lurking around on the forum! Bye for now Danny
  2. Good Afternoon About to start on my website copy which will talk about ME rather than WE! To be honest I really prefer the term Virtual Services or Virtual Web Services rather than Virtual Assistant. I wonder if anyone has got any views on this. Thanks Dan
  3. Hi Still looking at a name for my new start up and would like to know peoples thoughts on a domain I have purchased. May or may not use it but building a website on a sub domain of the same. The domain is (virtualwebservices.co.uk) I really preferred the .com which is available but over $2k kerching! I envisage most clients of mine will be UK based like me but I think maybe the .com would help me get non UK clients. So my questions are 1. Do you think a .co.uk domain will make it difficult to get clients from outside of the UK? 2. Is the name and domain a good fit for my new business or a little boring!? (My niche will include social media marketing, e-mail marketing, making wordpress sites and seo services) Would be great to get some feedback! Many Thanks Dan
  4. Hi Just signed up and having a look around the forum. Will start up fairly soon offering social media, e-mail marketing, seo, content marketing and proof reading. Trying to get an idea of when the money will start coming in so I can organise some savings to cover the initial period. Have lots of contacts but experience tells me it is never that easy! Also love to hear about my niche, I know it's probably competitive but I guess there are worse, or should I niche it down a bit further? Questions are a bit open ended but any feedback will be much appreciated. Many Thanks Danny
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