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  1. Welcome Bronwyn Yes Tawnya is a great help. I'm a VA from Sydney and I really like your website, well done. Good luck with your business Anne Marie
  2. Thanks for putting this up Tawnya. It is so informative and gives one hope. Anne Marie
  3. Thank you for the welcome and I look forward to participating on this forum. I have learnt one thing since posting my intro - as you know my link for my website didn't work, so after looking into what was missing I've learnt another skill - how to successfully make changes to the source page. Now the original link seems to work. Thanks again Yes, Tawnya there is the good and the bad with researching our history. It is good your mother got answers even if some of the family weren't helpful.
  4. The link seems to work without the http: Hopefully this one works. amdoranvirtualpa.weebly.com Unfortunately, will need to right click on the name and open in a new tab. In the meantime I'll see how I can get around this long-winded way of doing it. Thanks for your patience. Regards Anne Marie
  5. Thanks Julian, I'll have a look at it and see what I can do to get it to work.
  6. Hi my name is Anne Marie Doran and I'm starting out as a Virtual Assistant and am still looking for clients. My website is a work-in-progress at http://amdoranvirtualpa.weebly.com/ I was initially looking at general and medical transcription and creating Order of Services but it was suggested I needed to broaden what I was offering, so I could build a client-base. I am now looking at administration for small businesses as well. I grew up in Sydney NSW and spent nearly three years in the UK working in both public and private sectors. I have recently returned to the outskirts of Sydney from the Central Coast, hence why I class myself at a Sydney/Central Coast VA even though I am available to clients world-wide. I love taking photos, collecting collector plates and researching my family history. The latter has resulted in my doing courses through the University of Tasmania with the ultimate goal of a Diploma in Family History or an Associate Arts Degree. What I have learned, so far, is helping with my research, writing skills and tweaking my grammar and punctuation (which I thought I had covered!) I found out about VA Networking through Google searches a few years ago, when I initially joined up, after I became redundant and wanted to work from home, now I need to work from home. Looking forward to meeting, learning and helping on these forums.
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