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  1. Learning Joomla is actually on my "things to learn" list. Do you have any websites or resources that you are using that you can post for us to check out? Thanks
  2. I beleive TP8i is going to be forced on everyone who uses 7i more sooner than later. The great thing about it is that, right now, you can use both versions. They give you the ability to log into either program and not be stuck upgraded to 8i. Personally, I really like it compared to 7i, but I'm not a huge fan of Top Producer. I work with it if it comes along with the client. Most agents don't use very many of the features available to them. I did recently begin working with a new client, who is actually a team of 4, and they do have it set up with almost all of the functions and use them all. This was wonderful for me and makes working with them so simple. TP8i is more Web 2.0 friendly and the different areas of the program work much better with the other. You don't have to switch from one section into the other to complete something. If you have a client that uses it and hasn't upgraded yet you can sign into 8i and work, without disturbing anything in 7i. They have also added more templates and upgraded the older ones, as well. Otherwise, there really isn't much of a difference between the two. Regards, Wenda Rogers Around The Clock Solutions Office@WendaRogers.com
  3. I'd love to go! And, cruises are awesome and if you are on a decent ship you don't even know that you are on a boat. We went on the Disney Cruise, you would think that it would be loads of screaming kids and Mickey Mouse, not even close. I would go again without the kids. The boat was one of the nicest and cleanest that I have ever been on and the service was out of this world. Kids - they had there own special areas of the ship should you choose to have them participate in those activities. Wenda Rogers Around The Clock Solutions
  4. I wanted to let everyone that may be looking for Real Estate Virtual Assistant training that I am finishing up Carolyn Nelson's REVA Coach training and highly recommend her training classes. She will be starting her new session soon and with an all new format that I got a sneak peek at, looks bigger and better than ever. Carolyn's training is extremely hands on and better than thorough - she doesn't miss a trick. If you are ready for some serious training and hard work then take this training. When I first started 3 months ago I was lost with so many training options, I am so pleased that I made the decision to take her classes. She has given me the tools to build my business and the confidence that I needed to know I can be successful. Visit her site at www.revacoach.com - let her know I sent you if you decide to sign up. If I haven''t said it enough, Thank You Carolyn! Good Luck in your business success, Wenda Rogers Around The Clock Solutions Aroundtheclockva@comcast.net
  5. "I would like to specialize as a Real Estate VA. I plan to get real estate specific traning through www.professional-assistant.com or www.ireaa.com or perhaps both. " Sorry, I didn't see your name. I just finished online transaction management training with Carolyn Nelson and will begin Listing Coordination tomorrow, she was incredible. The NAR certification is good to have but, I don't think it's as thorough as Carolyn, I'll be doing that in the near future. As far as IREAA, I haven't done their training so I can't comment. Carolyn's website is www.onlinerepa.com and the training center is www.revacoach.com if your interested. Wenda Around The Clock Solutions Aroundtheclockva@comcast.net
  6. Hi Group, I will be in Albuquerque, NM in July for business and was wondering if there are any VA's in that area? I would love to get to know what's going on with the industry out there and maybe meet up with you. Wenda Rogers Around The Clock Solutions Aroundtheclockva@comcast.net www.AroundTheClockSolutions.com Awesome book from Michael Russer "Mr. Internet" For the employee and employer - get away from the employee mindset. Click the link to be taken to the book or copy and paste in your web browser. http://www.theobsoleteemployee.com/thankyo...p?s=1&a=191
  7. Hi Group, I have a question that is puzzling me. With one of my agents I use Outlook Web Access which is through MS Exchange server. When I go into her account and create appointments in her calendar she cannot see them on her end in her Outlook program at her desk. If I access her account from Exchange server the appointments are there, any ideas. Why would she not be able to see the appointments on her end? Of course, if she accessed her email account via Exchange server she would see them as I do but shouldn't they be in her regular program that sits on her desktop? Thanks, Wenda Rogers Aroundtheclockva@comcast.net
  8. Carolyn Nelson offers a wide variety of REVA courses at reasonable prices. I have had the opportunity to speek with Carolyn and she is like a book full of knowledge ready and willing to help the industry rise and shine.
  9. Hi, I have many years of experience working with attornney's virtually, 12 years to be exact. My company, not my company-the one I work for virtually) provides interpreters to attorneys firms, sole, courts, private investigators, etc. We have no personal contact with the attorney's or the interpreters, all virtual. Attorneys are very hard to work with and most can't grasp the cost of a service that someone provides, they think it's way too much. Even after they call around for pricing they end up coming back because we are in the middle of the road price range and our agency has a very high reputation. Not to nit pick the lawyers but, that is what they do service providers (and you will be providing a service). It usually isn't done good enough, the right way, etc. but of course we just apologize for that and offer to redo it for free. I considered legal being my niche because of my experience but I don't think I wll pursue it. Every morning I sit at my desk and take the calls with a smile and have learned that that's the business. Please don't let my opinion sway you because you may get into a big firm and find several are workable. The pressure is what I don't want anymore. And, as the others have said, make sure all your ducks are in a row before you market to them so you can be as quick as they are during your interview. I have recently quit my job and am planning on targetting sole practitioners/lawyers who do not need a full time assistant but still need work done. I have been contemplating on this for a very long time but am unsure how to go about doing this. Would anyone of you seasoned/exeperienced VAs in this field guide me how to go about marketing my services to these lawyers. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount for your services. If you are interested please email me at jpymento@rogers.com. I look forward to getting this off the ground and am very excited. Thanks everyone
  10. A drip campaign is exactly as it was explained. The Realtors CMS is set up to do a drip campaign particular to each clients needs. The system can be set up at whatever frequency the realtor decides. The point is to stay in front of the client and be remembered. Almost all Real Estate CMS programs have a drip feature, the ones the are real estate specific. A drip campaign can be done from MS Outlook as well. I want to know as much as I can about it. Any information you could share with me...I don't really know where to start. Why do they do it? What kind of information is usually sent?
  11. I'm asking this question in a few different places hoping I'll get some feedback so I can start working on a project and not end up having to do it all over again. Since I'm very new to the Real Estate industry and I have a client that is giving me the opportunity to choose what software to use for everything. What software do REVA's use to keep their clients contacts in? Do you keep them all in a database program like ACT, etc, an email program like Outlook or just in the Real Estate software that the agent uses? I'll be choosing the Real Estate software as well, once I learn more about the different programs. But, right now I have a million contacts that need to be enteed in one place (business cards, notes, open house sign up forms, her address books in Outlook Express that are full of clients from her travel business, etc).
  12. Hi Everyone, I wanted to publicly thank Darrell for helping me out with doing my logo because he did an awesome job on it. With me only giving him bits and pieces of information and a lot of "I don't now, what do you think" answers, he was working with out much help from me. He sent me several different ideas and spin offs of my original idea and immediately responded to my many emails. Thanks once again Darrell, I will definately be back if I need anything else done.
  13. OK, I may sound really dumb with this one but how does the talk show work? I have never listened to a Podcast or radio talk show on the computer. How do I listen to the VA Talk show tomorrow?
  14. Does anyone know if I create a web site in Yahoo Site builder do I have to use them as a web host or can I use any other company as the host?
  15. I'm looking for a tagline and need some feedback for my new business name. Around The Clock Solutions is the name. Tagline - When it's time for a Virtual Assistant...we're on the clock! or Is it time for a Virtual Assistant? We're on the clock! or When it's time for a Freelance Assistant...we're on the clock! or Is it time for a Freelance Assistant? We're on the clock! Any suggesstions feedback, better lines? A domain name is becoming tough for me after think about the advice I was given, meaning my thought for a domain name mine may be too long (Aroundtheclocksolutions). Aroundtheclockva is taken, 24hourva is also taken.
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