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  1. Hi Group, I will be in Albuquerque, NM in July for business and was wondering if there are any VA's in that area? I would love to get to know what's going on with the industry out there and maybe meet up with you. Wenda Rogers Around The Clock Solutions Aroundtheclockva@comcast.net www.AroundTheClockSolutions.com Awesome book from Michael Russer "Mr. Internet" For the employee and employer - get away from the employee mindset. Click the link to be taken to the book or copy and paste in your web browser. http://www.theobsoleteemployee.com/thankyo...p?s=1&a=191
  2. Is there a networking event in NJ Saturday?
  3. I'm in central NJ (Mercer County, Washington Township). I'd love to get together with anyone in the central NJ area, even Lower Bucks County, PA (where I'm originally from). Hi Joy, I'm in NJ also, Warren County, White Township. You mention Washington Township, I'm about 3 miles from Washington. But, I'm confused since you said you were in Mercer County. Wenda
  4. I did apply for the teleseminar on the Strtupprincess web site. The site was very hard to navigate but I did mention your name Lisa. Wenda
  5. I am in NJ, Warren County, White Township and very new to the VA world. Any newtowking with New Jerseyins would be great. I'm still in the process of trying to learn if I need to take a VA course or not. Any suggestions?
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