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  1. Tawnya, it doesn't show me that you and one other person 'like' my page. The other person said they liked it too but it doesn't show you 2. Help! Thank you sfrazier43!!
  2. Does anyone have experience with Hole in the wall or A small orange hosting companies? Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone! I finally created a Facebook fan page. I would love it if you all could "like" my page. https://www.facebook.com/ultimatevirtualassistantsllc Thanks!! Jeanette
  4. Has anyone found a good wireless headset within the last year (since this was posted) that work great? Thanks! Jeanette
  5. Hi everyone, I have multiple clients now and I am using TeamWork PM for the tasks. I am wondering how you schedule your time for each client. Do you have set work times for each client? Ex. Monday & Wednesday 8-11 "ABC Company" work time. Monday 11-1 "123 Company" work time. Do you block off times in your calendar for each company/client or organize by similar tasks? Etc. Thanks!! Jeanette
  6. Hi everyone! I need help writing a value statement. I have narrowed down my core values but am having problems getting it all into a sentence. I have researched the web and read a bunch of articles but I am still hitting a brick wall. Do you all have value statements? If so, what are yours? (I promise I won't steal it) Any tips for me? Thanks!! Jeanette
  7. Are you a regular bookstore or only selling certain kind of books?
  8. I have a potential client who wrote a book and self published it as a paperback. I think she could increase her sales if she converts it to an an ebook and/or kindle ebook. She currently only sells it via her website. I'm reading up on the process on amazon. Thank you!
  9. Hello! Do any of you have tips on how to create an ebook that can be sold on Amazon? If I just wanted to convert a book into an ebook to sell on a website, would I just turn it into a pdf and when someone purchases it, It just email the pdf? Thank you!!
  10. Great question. I look forward to hearing the responses.
  11. Reading this nearly a year later and I am wondering if you got more business off this press release? I really enjoyed reading it.
  12. I told someone about where I am going with my business and who I want to target. I was told "don't they have secretaries to take care of that stuff for them" and "don't people just use the "buy gift" on FB to take care of that?" Good points but got me a bit discouraged.
  13. Those are great tips Dana! Things I hadn't even thought of. I appreciate it SO much. Any idea how I would go about contacting high level professionals? I would like to target CEO's, Dr.'s, Pharmacists, Dentists..etc.
  14. Thank you everyone! That REALLY helps! I appreciate it!
  15. I finally narrowed down what I want my niche to be and who I want to market to. Problem is...I can't think of what to call this service/niche. My plan is to provide special events reminders (ex. birthdays, anniversaries, secretary's day, valentine's day...etc) to high level men and women who have such busy schedules that they forget important dates. I will provide a reminder and ask them what they would like me to do. I can have flowers delivered for them, gifts delivered, reservations made, cards sent, etc. to the important person in their life. Most of us don't like when significant others or family members forget our birthdays. I will be able to remind them and take care of the gift buying. My brain has a block. ha ha.. I do not know what to call this service or how to go about researching the market for it. I also have no idea how to go about buying the gifts for them while not using my own money. I'm sure they will not just hand out their credit card number to me. haha Any tips or words of advice, etc. would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Jeanette Ultimate Virtual Assistants, LLC
  16. I have this same question!! Jeanette
  17. Hi Shannon, You have great questions. I had the same ones when I started last July. At first I ended up asking my employer to let me go part-time. That worked for about a month before I quit and went both feet in. I left when I had one big client. I now have 3 small clients and I just dropped my big client today. It is really hard to say what you should do because it really depends on how much money you need to make it month to month, like mortgage and other bills. I would say that you should evaluate your money situation both personally and business wise. How much money will you need for start up costs including marketing. I hope that helps a bit! I'm still new too, but that is what worked for me. Jeanette
  18. Very funny! Things like that always happen to me. Glad it happens to others too! LOL Jeanette
  19. I am also in the same boat. I have 3 prospects who say they really need my help and want me to start working with them but have not received any work from them. I am hoping that once the holidays are over, I will start receiving work from them. Good luck to all of us! Jeanette Ultimate Virtual Assistants, LLC
  20. I am actually getting more work. Everyone wants more things done before the end of the year. I'm sure you will get more work after the new year! Jeanette
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