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  1. I have been down all week with a virus that is so new that so far there is no help except to wipe my drive. Does anyone know if the system repair discs that you can buy at WalMart would be able to restore my PC? I was looking at them at the store and some of them have boot discs etc. I didn't want to spend the money if they wont help but to have my drive wiped will cost enough too. Thanks!
  2. Oh great! Thanks for the info from both of you! I will keep my eyes out for the program on ebay, but I don't need it as of yet, it would just be good to have it on hand when the need arises. Thanks!
  3. Kimmer I haven't seen GTMPC on Ebay but I did see PC Anywhere. I see they have version 11 which includes host and remote software. It is a pretty reasonable price. I don't see I'm in Touch on Ebay, did you download it? Thanks
  4. Kimmer I'm trying to understand everything said in this thread. For the program that you purchased, I take it that you load it on your computer? What do the program do for you from there. The other programs mentioned it sounded like they only have to be loaded on the clients computer and you access their pc from the interent. Is this correct?
  5. Naomi Great Story!! Inspirational!
  6. I have to admit I am a caffeine addict! I drink it all day at home then when I go to town, I can't drive past Tim Horton's without at least going through the drive thru! I go into withdrawal if I dont get to town for a couple days!!!
  7. Ingrid Exactly what kind of information are you looking for? Thanks
  8. Heather I am in the process of researching/becoming a VA and there is soooo much info out there. Having someone to talk to that could guide me in the right direction would be awesome! But, Kim is right I just got laid off my job and cash is an issue. I would be interested in what you could offer for services and the cost. Good Luck in your plans!
  9. I am just in the process of researching becoming a VA. I just applied for membership to VA4U, I read about it from another post on this message board. They offer free web space. My question is, when is the appropriate time to seek to be certified. So far I have not started being a VA it will be official to me when I get my first assignement! From what I have read on different sites, it would be better to wait until you have some actual VA experience before going for the certification. Any input?
  10. Actually try this link! http://www.webbusinesswizard.com/app/aftrack.asp?afid=158260 Melody
  11. So far I am enjoying the site! The site is http://www.es4u.com/va_trng_prgms.htm and they also offer certification. Thanks All! Have a good weekend! Its a long weekend here in NB! Melody
  12. Thanks for all your warm welcomes! Has anyone done the home study course offered through e-books from Executive solutions? The offer certification as well.
  13. Hello All! I have been researching the VA field and have decided this will be my new career. I am looking into all the avenues of getting certification, building a website and starting up. Anyone have any suggestions or personal experience they wish to share? Thanks! Melody
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