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  1. Hi Cristina, I'd say chances are high it is. I've seen many of these types of things come around this past year. Supposedly this 'client' is a high paying client looking for someone just like you to help their business. Except they've sent the email to hundreds of VA's - some of which went ahead and responded. I can't remember the particulars of the scam (maybe someone else remembers?) - but it was definitely a scam.
  2. Hi Dawn, Because it's your business it's really up to you as to how to structure your sub-contracting rates - and whatever you decide is perfectly ok. Some VA's discount their rates for other VA's because they are getting business without having to market for clients. I know of several VA's who prefer to structure their business only sub-contracting for other VA's. Then there are some VA's who don't discount their rates because they have an expertise in something that the other VA doesn't provide (and by being able to offer that to their clients, increases value for the VA who's doing the sub-contracting). The other component to think about is if you will be sub-contracting work out - will you be paying the sub-contractor out of your fees, or will you invoice your client for work that's being sub-contracted? I've done it both ways, depending on the service. If I will be invoicing separately at the end of the month for a specific service I've sub-contracted for the benefit of my client, that's stated in my contract (or have obtained written approval beforehand once the need has been identified). HTH!
  3. Hi Wenda, There are a lot of great products out there, but I personally really like to use SharperAgent for a number of reasons. Not only is it a contact management system, but you can create flyers, postcards, greeting cards, newsletters by using their templates or creating a customized pieces yourself. Additionally, it also contains a drip marketing system that can be completely customized (my preference) or using one of the hundreds of campaigns that are pre-built. It comes with a calendar, you can add notes and have reminders sent to the agent as well. It's very user friendly too - Its just a great all-around system IMHO
  4. Hi everyone, Just to give a little bit more insight into drip marketing: Today, the majority of people interested in some sort of real estate transaction typically start their search online. They don't want to be pressured into giving up more information than they're ready to give (and they don't have to...if they aren't comfortable, the agent's competitor is the next website down!). Many of these people aren't ready to do anything at the moment and it could be months til they're ready to buy or sell. So in the case of a prospective buyer or a prospective seller, a drip campaign allows the agent to stay in touch with them in a fairly non-intrusive way by providing them with relevant information about the home buying or home selling process, so that when the prospect is ready to move forward, they will "feel" as if they already know the agent and contact them. I like to throw in emailed Just Listed postcards to the buyer prospects so they have first look at the agent's new listing, and a Just Sold postcard to the seller prospects so the client can show how the agent is able to sell other properties too There are all sorts of campaigns that could (and should, in my opinion) be developed. Not only a campaign for a buyer prospect or a seller prospect, but also a Keep in Touch campaign that can be sent to current and past clients, the agent's Sphere of Influence and other database contacts. These could include emailed or direct mailed holiday, home purchase anniversary cards, or birthday cards. They might include sending something out before the start of a school year or reminders about Daylight Savings Time, etc. For these, you wouldn't want to bombard them with mailings...perhaps one or two a month. The reason this is important is because it keeps the agent in front of people who can (and often do!) refer other prospective buyers or sellers. Sorry for the long post, but I hope this helped!
  5. Hi Angela, There's quite a few out there that can help do that! In addition to the others, you might want to also take a look at a hosted SharePoint site, www.Project360.com, www.HyperOffice.com, CentralDesktop.com or Zoho Projects just to name a few! Good luck to you!
  6. Hi Jessica, Wasn't that an awesome class?! I was amazed at all that was available and could be done with a P2A site (and I'm a hard sell!) I think Jennifer said they should have their certification program completed and ready to roll out in the next couple of weeks. I spoke with Jennifer at Point2Agent and she said that though she doesn't have any additional training classes scheduled right now, if there's enough interest she'd be happy to hold another. If you're interested, just send an email to janderson@point2agent.com and let her know!
  7. Adding my birthday wishes to Naomi and Katrina!! Have a GREAT day today!!!
  8. Michelle, I wish you the very best in your new venture back into the corporate world. You'll be missed! Please do stop by and let us all know how you're doing Take good care of you {{{Michelle}}}
  9. Hi Sheena, Though I do trust the VA's I've sub-contracted work to (that's why I'm using them!), I use a Consulting Agreement with all of them. It establishes the terms and expectations of that specific arrangement, and protects us both. Its just good business, and they know (and appreciate) its not personal or due to a lack of faith in them! HTH!
  10. Hi Ros I don't get here as often as I like to, so my apologies for being late with this. Some other questions you might ask about: Is he interested in dripping only prospects, or will he also wants a drip campaign for existing buyer and seller clients, as well as a "keep in touch" campaign for his SOI, referrals, and past clients too? Will you be receiving a copy of the new leads so you can set them up in the system he's using in order to start the drip campaign or will he add the contact and start the campaign himself? If he's having multiple campaigns set up, will he notify you if a lead converts to a client so you can start an existing client campaign, and then notify you when a transaction closes so you can move them to another campaign - or will he do this? Will this be strictly an email drip, or will there be direct marketing pieces that will need to be done as part of the campaign as well? If an email bounces, will you be the one reviewing the bounce message to determine if its a "true" bounce and not due to a typo or "mailbox full" type of message, or will he? If a contact unsubscribes from receiving any more email, does the system he use automatically process that, or is this something that manually has to be done by either of you? If a contact has a change in email or mailing address, will you be making the changes to the drip database or will he? If you'll be managing the whole thing for him and if he has a large database with several types of contacts that needs to be dripped differently, this can be a bit time consuming. I hope these questions help a little!
  11. Just another thing to throw in about the one year subscription after taking the class: When your one year subscription is up, they'll send you a survey to complete about what you/your clients like/don't like, suggestions, etc.. If you complete it, you'll get another year's subscription for free.
  12. Hi Megan, I found the pricing structure under the Order Now link here: Obeo Pricing It looks like the regular package that most I know use (Bronze) is $99 - not bad! I've been surprised at wide their network is of photographers, but I've heard their customer service is amazing so might want to give them a call or email them to find out if they service that area. Best of luck to you!
  13. Another service I've been hearing agents rave about for their virtual tours is OBEO. OBEO will send their photographers out to the property and take the pictures, then prepare the tour - I've been impressed with the quality I've seen of these tours, and love the idea that they'll even come out and create a comprehensive floor plan that's interactive with the tour photos. Just tossing another alternative to consider!
  14. Hi Ann, When I'm exporting contact database info out of one application to Excel, I'll scrub the data first (ensuring proper case is applied to names and addresses, last and first name in appropriate fields, etc.), then save the file as a .csv file. I know many times the contact records in TopProducer are fed from another source like a website form and oftentimes a site visitor will enter their information all lower or upper case (I'm a data integrity freak so this bothers me lol). To import their scrubbed spreadsheet into their Outlook, I have my clients set up an account with LogMeIn for the computer I'll be uploading to (they use the free version), then they can either send me an invite link to gain access to their system, or they send me their username and password along with their computer access code they've established so I can go in later and import the .csv contact file into Outlook. HTH!
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