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  1. Hello Dale, I am just now getting settled, but I am still very interested in the training. So, whenever the next spot opens I would still be very interested. Thanks, Nikki
  2. Thanks Guys, for the warm welcome (back)! I am going to be busy for a few days reading through all the posts I missed. Thanks again, Nikki
  3. Hello all, I have missed everyone and being able to check in so much. We are starting to get settled and my husband already had to go back to the states (go figure). Anyway I look forward to becoming ore active in the forum and with my business. There’s still a lot that I need to get taken care of, since we now stay in military housing, so that I can take care of my business needs legally! Well, I’m happy to be back and I’ll be checking in soon. Nikki
  4. Hello, Sorry it took me soooooo long to welcome you! I have been out of the loop because of moving for the past two months and won’t be trough till Dec.! I know you will enjoy it here; everyone is very nice and helpful. Good luck to you! Nikki
  5. Thanks Karen, good looking out! I was also thinking about getting some of those templates of ebay. Has anyone ever used those? Good luck to you Karen and nice to meet you. Nikki
  6. Thank you all soooooo very much for the great ideas!!! I am just now getting a chance to respond because I am in the middle of moving, first from my house into an apartment and in a couple of months overseas. I do have another question, If anyone has anysuggestions for my website that would be a great help! Once again, thanks a bunch! Nikki
  7. Exactly Thanks Therese and Dale, That’s exactly what I was getting at; I’m for the most part an introvert! When it comes to meeting new people I turn into a different person. i have been a part of my local VA group since Dec. 2003, and just started to feel comfortable over the last four or five months. We meet monthly and for the first three months I was ready to give up. Lucky for me, one of the members is an established VA and she is super motivated so she keeps me motivated! Any ideas? Thanks again everyone, Nikki
  8. Hello, you will find this forum to be both fun and helpful!!! I am new myself and so far everyone has been nothing but nice and forthcoming. Hope you have fun and find all the info you need. If not just ask! Nikki
  9. Hello everybody, I was wondering, what is the best way to find that first client or subcontracting job? Nikki
  10. Thank you all for making me feel so welcomed! I have been reading all the previous posts and so far they have been very helpful. One question that I have is, can I place the VANF member logo on my site to link back here? Again thank you, Nikki
  11. Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself quickly. I have been working on getting my business going for about three month now. I have not had any luck finding clients but I have not given up. I enjoy all aspects of the administrative environment but have mainly experience in accounting, database setup and management and design. If anyone has any tips on how to get that first client, please share! Because it can get frustrating! Thank you and I look foreward to meeting everyone! Nikki Virtual Yet Personal Taking care of all your administrative needs in a "Virtual yet Personal" manner! Phone: (706) 951-3729 Fax: (706) 793-5961 Visit http://www.virtualyetpersonal.org for more information.
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