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  1. My 2 cents: Whenever possible, I'd try buying a .com with a .ca. Just because .com seems to be an automatic ending that most people think of. Plus, search engines will only spider one domain name. Example: I manage innbc.com (it's also innbc.ca) and the one that is recorded is innbc.com. It has multiple domains pointing to subdirectories including, lakelseair.bc.ca. But if were to Google www.lakelseair.bc.ca the results would be: innbc.com first (because I use lakelseair.bc.ca as internal links), and the rest of the results are all the incoming links that record the domain as lakelseair.bc.ca. You won't find one result that starts with www.lakelseair.bc.ca. Hope that made sense - give it a try. As a side note: I've found that when the Internet can't find a domain ending ending at .com it will automatically search (Google will at least) for the same domain ending in .org or .net. It doesn't check automatically for .ca. But then, this shouldn't be an issue as long as your website is up & running. It seems to only happen when a domain is defunct or the storage server is down.
  2. Hi everyone I'm curious if anyone knows the answer to my question. I have a city portal website, a content management system written in PHP. Clients can advertise several ways: there's a business directory, restaurants can have online menus, clients can post product listings, real estate/dealerships can post classifieds for their inventory. What I'm wondering is... is there stat reporting software available that will let me get info, similar to Awstats or Webalyzer content, that can be "grouped" by client links? Let's see if I can define this better... Say I've got client "XYZ Holdings" that has purchased several advertising options: a listing in the business directory, a custom web page, plus listings in the real estate classifieds, under a custom section set up for their business name. So now they have several links on my site to information relating to them: listing in the business directory eg: www......com/pages/business/cat/362 listing in the classifieds eg: www....com/pages/realestate/cat/17 custom page eg: www.....com/pages/XYZHoldings I would like to somehow be able to create a stats report for any single client that will allow me to define all these links related to that client, and then show the stats for those particular links... visitor counts, sources, keywords, etc. Unfortunately, I can't add snippets of code to these individual client pages. except for the custom page. I do have CCount software that will let me track how many times a hyperlink has been clicked on, say in a block/banner graphic ad where I can actually insert a referring hyperlink, but that doesn't solve this problem. I hope that explanation makes sense. I'm a newbie to the VA world and I'm looking forward to eventually quitting my full-time job as an admin assistant and start expanding this website to include more VA services.
  3. Judy - I've done a similar project for my parent's 40th anniversary and burnt the movie to DVD using Sonic "MyDVD Plus" software. It has some nice templates and even lets you build a selection menu for DVD players if you want to make sections in your DVD - say for different branches of your family tree. I'm going to use it to create a slideshow of photos for my aunt's 60th birthday next month.
  4. Can I throw another thought in here regarding whether to include links or not? Search engines like websites that link to other quality sites so it could possibly improve your page ranking. Of course, this depends on the website you're linking to - plus do they use unacceptable SEO tactics that could damage your page rank by linking? Do they have a page rank above 0? (just as a bit off-topic side note, I learnt something from a SEO e-book I downloaded a month ago - did you know that if you search the keyphrase "click here" Adobe.com comes up as #1? Because so many sites link to them using the words "click here") As for whether a link should open in another window or not, I'm torn on this as a user and a webmaster. When I'm surfing websites, I usually prefer that a link opens up in another full window. I will even use the right click mouse-open link in new window option to make sure. I will sometimes forget where in the original website I was reading before I went to the new site, so instead of clicking on how many back pages? I just click on the other open window. What I do sometimes dislike as a user (hate is probably too strong a word) is sites that open links in an iframe, and iframes that don't work properly. Now that being said, I'm guilty of having a couple of pages on my community guide (sort of competitors-local newspapers partially online with portals) that use iframes - I'm considering changing them to just links that open new windows as I'm not fond of how the format of their site looks when displayed in my iframe. I just had the thought, maybe it's going overboard - but what if we gave users the option to select a link that opens in a new window or opens in this same window? - sounds like doubling work for how much value?... Anyway, that's my two bits...
  5. Considering how much illegal software, movies, music there is on the 'net, is it any surprise that people resort to blatantly copying paragraphs from other sites? Knock on wood, I haven't had this happen yet. My website is part of a network that shares page content within our group, but for the most part we will email each other and ask if we can share the coding. Anyway, after reading this posting, and Candy's posting earlier I figured there had to be at least one way to prevent copies being made. After all, you can disable the right-click action so people can't grab your images that way. So after a quick Google I found this: Web Site Protector which can apparently prevent downloading/saving and copying of page content. I haven't tried it, but I think it's worth checking into.
  6. If you have a telephone/fax modem installed in your computer, or have a mult-purpose printer with a built in PC fax option, your computer should have a fax driver installed under your list of printers. You can then use the fax-printer to "print" a copy of the email, which then should trigger your faxing software. Hope that made sense.
  7. It's great to hear the opinions of other office managers. I'm in the process of starting my own part-time business and I'm hesitant about cold calls - knowing my own responses from working at a busy office and getting calls from annoying salespersons. My thought had been to walk around town and drop off flyers (with a short survey that can be faxed or link to online survey), exchange business cards. But on second thought, dropping off a survey on first visit isn't a good idea - I know that with my time crunch paper surveys are at the very bottom of the paperwork to be done unless I'm really interested in the subject. Perhaps a follow-up email with a link to an online survey instead, or a follow-up survey by fax...
  8. Hi Cheryl I have to basically agree with everyone else here that the cost does depend on the design. I'd like to share some of my experience as an amateur webmaster. I've designed about half dozen sites and rebuilt several. I've found the biggest cost is the actual creation of the graphics design from scratch. (I've started up my own community website and offer single web page design at $100 for the one page.) To save myself some time I will usually browse through template sites like www.perfectory.com or www.pixelmill.net until I find something I like and with the features I want (sections for "services", "about us", "contact us" etc.). The next biggest step is creating the content as well as all the tags, etc needed for search engine optimization. I try to stay away from fancy content like flash start pages as I've learnt through SEO lessons that search engines have problems indexing these pages. Web design doesn't stop with just the finished item uploaded to the internet. There's of course the submissions to the various search engines, research into potential quality linking partners (to increase your Google rank) **off-the-page content (who links to you, who do you link to, ) is very important to search engines in determining your rank, which in turn helps potential customers find you online in the vast internet ocean. Websites are an ongoing maintenance project - search engines don't like stale (non-changing) websites. Another question just came to mind - are you looking for a site you can update on your own? Like a content management system? Or is it a site that's going to require a designer to update whenever you need it to change? All these items factor into the cost of the design and ongoing maintenance. Just a few more thoughts to ponder If you're curious, here's the addresses of the sites I've designed so far: www.estacaille.org - personal genealogy website www.braniffs.ws - personal genealogy website www.innbc.com - directory of 5 businesses owned by a family. Includes domains www.bearcountryinn.bc.ca | www.lakelseair.bc.ca | www.bearcreekcont.ca (Northern Motor Inn section under redesign) www.northcoastbconline.com - my latest website, a community/business directory. I didn't program this one, but I change the design content as I wish.
  9. I'm wondering if there are any VAs (or future VAs) in the Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert, Smithers area of the north coast. I'd like to hear from them, get together for coffee or lunch. Myself, I'm a future VA - currently still working overtime at my full-time accts payable/admin assistant job of 17 years. Suzette Estacaille Terrace, BC Internet Marketing Consultant www.NorthCoastBCOnline.com
  10. Was browsing the postings when I bumped into this one and wanted to comment that some website editors like MS Word, Frontpage call the anchor a "bookmark" Suzette Estacaille North Coast Interactive Terrace, BC www.NorthCoastBCOnline.com
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