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  1. WooooooooooHoooooooo Congrats....as my daughter would say WAY COOL Deb Gem's Virtual Office
  2. Excellent information Candy and Tom, I would definitely be interested in hearing more about Quickbooks hosted by OffAssist. Is there any other information available as of yet, or are you collecting names and e-mails of interested VA's yet? Deb Gem's Virtual Office www.gemsvirtualoffice.com
  3. I agree with Candy....you can't just decide that you want "to do bookkeeping". A bookkeeper might not have the degree that an being an accountant does....but it does require experience and education. And yes even being a little bit crazy helps Deb Gem's Virtual Office
  4. Hi Bonnie Jo, Thanks for the link...I was curious to know if you've used any of these add-ons and what your opinion on them is? Thanks Deb Gem's Virtual Office
  5. I am in the process of taking a course at Real Life Accounting http://www.reallifeaccounting.com/ The cost is $79 for a 20 hour course but you then have access to the site for a year for any additional questions or to even take parts of the course over again. I've been a bookkeeper for 20 years but have been alittle out of practice the past 8 years working as an office manager for a dental office so its been a good refresher course for me.
  6. Good Morning Everyone, Here's the website where you can view accounting relief. They have a demo and then a live version that you can see in action. http://www.accountantsworld.com/desktopdef....aspx?page=arac
  7. Thanks Dusty and Congratulations! I'm still working full time so I'm sure it will be a great resource for me!
  8. Congratulations Jamie and Jason. Welcome to the world Shelby!
  9. Thanks for the positive responses everyone. I had pretty much already decided on taking the course, but its nice to know that they are well known VA's and I'll certainly look into reading the book you mentioned Kara, thanks. Sorry I missed the seminar on Wednesday night, I'll look for it in the archives.
  10. I've been researching alot of different training programs, and have found one that I'm really interested in taking. I was wondering if anyone else had taken this course or know's someone else that has. Any feedback would be welcome....thats what's great about the forum you get so much advice and help from anyone. Here is the website to the training course, its called Virtual Business Training http://www.virtualbusinesstraining.com/whyvbt.htm Thanks for you help
  11. I just downloaded and read the Free Excerpt, very well written Angela, congratulations!!
  12. Thank you Patty, I had checked the archives but didnt see it. I'll keep watching for it
  13. I unfortunately missed this seminar, is there a way to view it or find out the information that was presented? Also what online instructor lead VA training programs can anyone recommend? thanks
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