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  1. Yeah 60 second thingy...elevator speech, what ever you want to call it LOL and yes its something along the lines of what I said above. I think it probably changes to some degree every time I open my mouth....but that is the basic outline Deb
  2. I host both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year so getting the family to help has definitely been part of the plan, and my daughter is planning on majoring in Interior Design so she loves doing all the decorating and alot of the time when we're doing it together she just moves where I've placed things anyway! And like alot of you, I love shopping online, its easy, efficient and I don't have to go out in the cold brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  3. Video game that my son thought I just had to have LOL.....guess who played it all the time!
  4. When introducing myself and Gem's I usually start off with something along the lines of being a business that offers bookkeeping and administrative services to small businesses and individuals. Then I explain that I work virtually from my home office and also offer occasional on-site visits to local clients. I've found that in my area of NY(Rochester) people are not very familar with the term Virtual Assistant, but I usually end my little 60 second thingy saying that the technical term for what I do is called Virtual Assisting. Deb Gem's Virtual Office
  5. WooooooooooHoooooooo Congrats....as my daughter would say WAY COOL Deb Gem's Virtual Office
  6. I feel that only the one account is necessary, be yourself! As I tell my daughter, if you don't want someone to read or see something then don't put it out there! I also have a Facebook page, but really haven't figured out the best way to promote it yet. Suggestions? Deb Gem's Virtual Office
  7. Here are my urls.....and Tawyna the Facebook seminar tonight was great, I'm just sorry I didnt make it until late My LinkedIN My Facebook Page My Facebook Profile and Follow me on Twitter Deb Gem's Virtual Office
  8. That's what is so great about these forums. Being able to ask and get honest opinions...because yes every penny does count Thanks Ladies. Deb Gem's Virtual Office
  9. Sorry that you had trouble with them Leslie I'm glad I asked before just jumping in. I did read through the pre-evaluation and found it rather silly to only have to pass that to be able to purchase a certificate...
  10. I didn't recognize any of the names either thats why I figured I'd ask in the forums...thanks Candy
  11. Thanks Patty....It always helps when another VA who's name you are familiar with can give some feedback Deb Gem's Virtual Office
  12. I received some information on this program in my email today and was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about the program Certified Virtual Professional Thanks Deb Gem's Virtual Office
  13. Excellent information Candy and Tom, I would definitely be interested in hearing more about Quickbooks hosted by OffAssist. Is there any other information available as of yet, or are you collecting names and e-mails of interested VA's yet? Deb Gem's Virtual Office www.gemsvirtualoffice.com
  14. Thanks Julia....great sites and just what I needed! Yvonne you should go with your idea, I don't think there could ever be to many tips on Word and Excel, and you could even make it more of a question and answer type blog, for those of us that get stuck on trying to get excel to do something it doesnt want to Deb Gem's Virtual Office
  15. I agree with Candy....you can't just decide that you want "to do bookkeeping". A bookkeeper might not have the degree that an being an accountant does....but it does require experience and education. And yes even being a little bit crazy helps Deb Gem's Virtual Office
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