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  1. Greeting from sunny South Florida! PROMOTIONAL WRITING & WEB DEVELOPMENT Hi, I'm Larry Lowenthal, a fellow with long and strong experience as a copywriter and creative director in the advertising agency business. I've created advertising and promotional materials for some of the world's largest firms when I worked in Chicago, some of the smallest when I moved here, and many more in between. During the years when I headed up my own agency in Fort Lauderdale, we won several dozen local, regional, and national awards for creativity in judged competitions. I became president of the Advertising Federation and was awarded their gold medal for lifetime contributions to the profession. That was then, this is now: working on freelance creative assignments for ads, commercials, brochures, billboards, sales and administrative or management letters, and web pages. My approach is to create credibility for the client, product, or service, make it attractive, and then push for a call, visit, sale...whatever the goal is for the message. Back in 1997, so as not to become a dinosaur, I began developing web sites for my own small-business customers. These are created with the same purpose: to establish credibility for and interest in their enterprise. Our sites are clean, modestly priced, attractive, and of course, well-written, so they flow well and make sense. (Some reflect more client input, some less.) In 1998, we began publishing "unofficial, unauthorized" city web sites about south Florida cities. The International/Global/World Headquarters are in my home overlooking a gorgeous blue lake. Two web sites with reference information about me: The advertising site and The web development site In the days, months, and years ahead, I look forward to working with you, and I won't let you or your clients down. Larry Lowenthal larry@lowenthal.net or larry@webauthor.org
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