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  1. oops ! I seem to have opened a can of worms here, possibly more because of the way I worded my question. I'm not for one minute suggesting paying any sub-contracted VA's a rate lower than they are worth, HOWEVER in my research on the topic of multi-va setups (including the resources that have all been mentioned) I have come across a number of different sample contracts for sub-contractors which all mention the rate being xxx and being increased to yyyy after x amount of months.. which is why i asked the question to see if it was the "norm" to follow this method or not. My particular words of probation etc.. may have been misplaced in question like this. I can certainly see the value of it in a situation such Tawnya mentions with those less experienced and clearly it would be unfair to pay a newbie with no experience the same rate right away as someone working in the industry a while with a huge amount of experience (imo anyway). For how long? personally I think that depends on the individual. So my apologies if I've upset anyone, I just wanted to get some feedback but clearly it's a sensitive topic so I'll take that on advisement and won't go near it again Tks for your input regards
  2. Sorry now you are going to be sick to the eye teeth of me for a while as I ask loads of questions while setting up Just wondering how many of you put their VA's on lower probation rates for say about 3 months when they first hire them before increasing to the normal rate? just to make sure it works out on all sides? AND if you do this, how do they react to it when you tell them !
  3. Thanks a lot they are great tips.. I was thinking about the one project per client myself.. so good to hear that it works for you. Can I just ask you to clarify one thing.. As per your example above you put the actual client name in the project name as well? is that because it helps you when you glance down through the projects? or do you find it handy for other reasons?
  4. Just wondering for those of you using myclientspot do you use the database function in that to store client details, contacts etc.. in addition to what you add in when you add a client, or do you use a separate crm system? I was going to use zoho for this end of things as the crm is quite comprehensive and I'm already using it as a central spot to communicate with PM and store docs, workflow processes etc.. but the crm bit is a bit of a pain cos you can't add additional users unless they sign up for a separate zoho account or don't have one.. What do you use as a client contact database or crm system?
  5. also don't forget the cardboard man (or woman !) I once had a boss who told me before I came to him with any query to ask the cardboard man ! He literally had me put a cardboard cutout of a man on my desk and had me ask the question out loud to it LOL it sounds crazy but it actually works, sometimes when you just verbalize the question you actually find the answer yourself? did you ever start to write a post and by the time you had it finished you realised you knew the answer? or say something to someone and then realised you didn't need an answer. I use the cardboard man all the time now and find it great !!
  6. It's really interesting reading the responses on this one.. it's definately a personal thing
  7. Thank you Ladies Gotta lot of thinking to do at this end !
  8. Thanks Donna, yeah I'm struggling a bit with this one but I'll get there
  9. Donna, I'm at that horrible "figuring out rates" stage LOL.. and I'm interested in your approach to going for packages only..do you think this works even from the get go or needs to be introduced as you did it, ie. hours initially then packages only? rgds darina
  10. I know there have been discussions ad infinitum on rates here, I have searched but haven't quite found what I'm looking for ! What are your thoughts on publishing rates on your website? there doesn't seem to be a "norm" for this having been looking at a lot of VA sites some do and some don't? If there are retainer packages then yes they are published generally. but hourly rates often state something like "starting from..." or call us for rates etc.. Just wondering about the pros and cons of publishing rates. I was leaning towards being open and transparent with rates but now having seen some sites I'm wondering? tks darina
  11. Maryam, I'm in similar position, I'm in Ireland in the process of setting up multi-va practice so clients will be Ireland and UK but a lot of the Associates will be US based, I've been researching this till I'm blue in the face LOL cos I also wanted a reasonable pbx service so my clients could ring one local number (either UK or Ireland depending on where they are located) and be put through to VA in US or wherever they are, and so far for me skype seems to be the best option, certainly their monthly worldwide package 8.95 euro a month for unlimited landline calls to any country plus 50% discount on skype-in number is a good deal.
  12. Thanks Dana, that's a great story and exactly what I was hoping to hear It's true with anything you get what you pay for !!
  13. Hi there, I'm in the process of setting up a multi-va business catering mainly for online business owners. I'm at the very early set up stage, setting up packages, rates etc.. I was just wondering for those of you particurarly with multi-va businesses how you are finding new " cheap" VA services affecting your business. What I mean is services like asksunday.com and bpovia.com where you can sign up for packages as low as $10 an hour they are all based in places like India and China but targeting western businesses. Has this had an effect on you? and how do you handle it ? tks
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