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  1. Thanks all! I was thinking of authors and entrepreneurs and speakers who spend a lot of their time traveling. I have a few friends who are really popular bloggers and spend much of their year traveling and speaking. I've been thinking of the non travel aspect of things as well, to be sure there's work. I know a few of them have said they could spend hours wading through emails and have forgotten to send/order gifts and thank you cards, forgot to reschedule a home repair, etc. So I think I want to cater to those needs as well.
  2. Hi all! I'm a fairly new VA. I've been doing this for other companies for about a year now, but I am just now ready to take the leap into building my own business. I've been thinking about whether I want to generalize or find a niche, and have been going over all the tasks I've done in the past. I really love making travel plans for people. I have come to know when is the best time to book flights and cruises, where to find the best hotel deals, how to get group rates, where to eat, how to get around town, where to find meeting places, etc. I'd love to do this for both regular travelers and heavy business travelers. Is there a market for this or would I be severely limiting my business? I can't seem to find anyone online who does this. I guess I'm just looking for a little reassurance.
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