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  1. I love that name! I'm really struggling to find a name as well- how did you come up with the ideas for yours? Best!
  2. Hello! Well, I'm extremely happy to announce that I now have enough clients to justify making this official! I wasn't sure if I was going to at first, being so busy pursuing my bachelors, but this has been working out really well for me! SO anyways, I am so stumped in figuring out a name! I haven't quite found my "niche" yet because I still really enjoy the variety of tasks I can perform by offering my general VA services, so I don't want to base my name off of that. I am currently doing mostly personal assistance, although my biggest client currently has me doing a lot of work for his software consulting company. Long story short, I don't want my name to narrow my options if I should decide to choose a niche or broaden out. I don't know whether to choose something that explicitly explains that I'm a VA or whether to make it something generic in case I decide to broaden even further. (I know these ideas aren't great...I'm completely stuck.) Some ideas: J&R Virtual Assistance At Ease Virtual Assistance Jo's Virtual Assistance Helping Hand Remington Co. (Generic)
  3. Hello all! So, I've got my VA business started up and now have a 2 regular/long-term clients! (Only took a couple of months, so overall, I'm pleased!) I have decided to go into Virtual Assistance full time. I'm working on a website, thinking about a logo, and all that fun stuff. It's exciting! That being said, I need a little advice from you more experienced VA's. Programs- what do you use? Are there some cool things out there I haven't heard of? Free/paid, whatever. I'd like to take a look at all of it. Also, I'm planning to begin saving for a Windows desktop (would like to have Window/Mac options) and want to make sure I'm looking for something will all the specs I may require. Thanks in advance for all the help!
  4. Thank you both so much for the advice! I have thought about joining the VAInsiders club, and very well may do so. I never thought about Craigslist, I will try that too. I haven't created a website yet, although I'm hoping to get that started this week. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Hello all! I'm still relatively new to the VA world and am trying to form a cliental base. I've been posting and applying to jobs for about 2 months but to no avail! I've been posting mainly on UpWork. I really believe I could get a business going well if I could obtain my first client...it's just getting started! Do any of you long-time and well-connected VA's have any advice for me? As I'm still new to the business, but I'm trying to narrow down my niche. I'm currently applying to "Personal Assistant" or "Social Media Marketing" type jobs. I'd really appreciate any tips- thank you all!
  6. Sorry guys- I found the topic I posted last month just now. Didn't mean to double-post!
  7. Thank you all so much for the advice! I am currently hoping to find my niche, as I would like to offer a speciality, but I have no idea what I want to offer yet! Where/how would you all advise that I look for clients? I learned about being a virtual assistant on UpWork, but I've not had much luck there. I'm very excited and greatly appreciate everyone's advice!
  8. Hello! My name is Jordan and I am looking to start a VA business. I'm currently a college student with a very irregular schedule, which makes working your typical 9-5 impossible! I have decided that I believe this is a wonderful option for me. I am hoping some of you more experienced VA's can give me some tips and I can get to you know! Thanks, Jordan
  9. Hello all! My name is Jordan and I'm new to the virtual assistant world. I am currently a college student on medical leave from my usual job and I had considered becoming VA in the past. Now seems like the perfect time to try it out! I am still deciding what speciality would be best for me. Currently, I'm offering services as and "all-around" VA and personal assistant! I would love any words of advice you all could provide! Thanks!
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