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  1. JudyAnn gave you some very valuable advice. I would look at joining your local Chamber of Commerce, too. They should have networking events and also other opportunities for you to participate in. If you can't join right now (some are pricey), you may be able to log onto their site and see their member directory. You can pick and choose who you would like to target and send them out a mailer. Word of mouth is always good, too. In your past employment experiences, is there anyone you can inform what you are doing? If they can't utilize your services, ask them to spread the word. Leave them some business cards to hand out whenever the opportunity arises. As they say...tell everyone you know what you are doing. You never know where a client is going to develop from. Good luck and congratulations on your business!
  2. Well, isn't this just AWESOME! Fabulous idea, Candy! Love it!!
  3. Oops! This IS the bookkeeping forum....soooo sorry! I didn't even see that. I saw the opportunity for the whine and jumped all over it! My apologies! My clients are usually pretty good, but I do have the whines there from time-to-time. I can relate to Dana's story about the special announcement Something similiar happened to me like that. I just hate when there is a lack of communication on something. That is a big peeve of mine. Anyone need anymore whine....I'm heading back to the frig for more cheese....
  4. So now you STILL want me to "bridge it", huh? LOL I'm ONLY kidding, Sally!! We need to do something that is convenient for everyone, of course, in some way. I am willing to cross those bridges, gosh darn it! - I just don't want to get lost! I am actually heading over ot S.F. today for some fun. Wanna come? So far, I think we have Hayward (me), Pleasanton, Oakland...and you out yonder in Marin. Right? Who else is around us?? Pipe in! Don't be shy! I think this would be wonderful!!
  5. Hello there! Marin is a tad of a ways for me, too. If I'm thinking correctly (and who knows when it comes to me! LOL), it may be quite of a drive for Jacki, too. I'm up for a get together, though! Maybe if you get enough responses, Sally, we can find a really good medium point for everyone.
  6. Sounds awesome, ladies!! I know you both will be able to make this work! I'm in CA, so I'm not close to you, but I will be there in spirit!!
  7. FANTASTIC! Wonderful!! I know I can't express enough how much I appreciate VANA and all that you do!!
  8. Oh my, Sally....I just saw this again and you remember me from a "Clueless" post....now THAT is something to be remembered by! So....how many years has it been now since we last thought about that coffee? I'm sure MANY more Starbucks are available now! Marit, Marina, and everyone else...Hello!!
  9. This is fabulous! Congratulations to the both of you! Can we say, "We knew them when.." sigh.... Way To Go!!!
  10. Wow! That is awesome! Spending much of your quality time searching for the right VA information....ENDLESS Finding your way to VANA...PRICELESS
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