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  1. Dear Tawnya, I wanted to let you know that I got a new client by responding to one of the RFPs posted here in VAinsiders Job Board. The fee for the project that my client needed covered the cost of my membership here. I'm very grateful to join VANetworking because I find the content and webinars you provide for us in this group is very valuable in my VA business. I'm gonna make better use of time management because I really hate missing your live webinars! I missed the last Group Coaching call and I know it's in the vault but the new client I have has kept me super busy. I decided to just block out those days or hours that you are meeting with us so I can fully invest in my own education by spending time with you, Danielle, and the other awesome members! Thank you! NobleVA (Lourdes)
  2. Hi Everyone, My name is Lourdes and I just joined VAN last month after attending my very first #VAVS12. I'm excited to learn more about the VA industry since I'm still a newbie at this. I started my VA business, Noble Virtual Assistant last year October 2014. I have over 20 years experience working in the corporate brick and mortar locations in these industries: sales and marketing, IT, education, market research, shipping, customer service, and office administration such word processing, data-entry etc. I offer general office support services but my passion lies with social media strategy, online marketing strategies and most technical projects. So my services are focused in these areas. I have always been involved in sales and marketing (on and off) and I truly love to meet new people, find out what their needs are and strive to find solutions and answers to help them! That makes a great day for me.....Knowing that I helped make someone's day! I also love the challenge! It's not easy being a solo-preneur and after attending the first #VAVS and getting to know Tawnya, I was impressed and hooked! (No, I'm not getting any compensation for writing this). I'm just so impressed that the owner of VANs gets her hands dirty and is thoroughly and highly involved with VAs who join here. She runs the webinars and addresses our questions immediately, how cool is that??? I also decided to join the VAInsiders. So, this is why I'm here and writing my introduction. Thanks for reading my intro! Have a Fantastic Day! Stay positive!
  3. lourdes

    VAVirtuosos.com Attendee Networking Area

    Hi Tawnya and everyone here, I just signed up for my very 1st VAVS event and I'm so excited to attend this! Looks like a great line-up of speakers and hoping to get a lot of learning and meeting new VAs! It was so nice chatting with friendly VAs too yesterday at the preview! Thank you! Facebook LinkedIN

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