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  1. Seeking part-time office manager for small psychotherapy clinic. About 5 hours per week must be in the office, on Friday mornings, at our office in West San Jose, near Good Samaritan Hospital. Rest (total of 15 - 25 hours/week) can be done virtually. Data entry in Quickbooks and a variety of other admin tasks, from human resources to ordering supplies and sprucing up the waiting room. Looking for someone who is detail-oriented, rules-based, grounded, and organized. Please send resume and cover letter to Marte Matthews at marte@childfamilygroup.com Thanks! Beth
  2. My website is as simple as it gets...I only have it because it is required in today's business. I've gotten my clients through word of mouth and this one very nervous public talk I had to give! I created the website myself for free via Google websites... www.virtualvamps.biz Let me know if the link works, not sure if I did it right. I'm making it a habit to keep on an on the general forum daily...rich stuff.
  3. Thanks for the welcomes! This is my 11th year in business, I love it. It's just me, no employees. I worked a lot at first and now I have a good client base which keeps me pretty busy. The gift is that now I have time to run errands in the middle of the day - nothing better than Costco on a Tuesday morning. I always am streamlining my processes and vision to work less and make more haha. I hope to glean a lot from this group and maybe even share some wisdom and work processes. Annette
  4. Hello Everyone! Thank you Tawnya for a great webinar, I took lots of notes. I'm Annette in San Jose, CA. Kids grown and gone, 2 puppies at home, single. All I do is work and date now and then. I need to get into shape, so I just joined the fitness page on facebook, let's see how that works. I am inspired! I've been working alone for years and I'm glad I took the time today to connect, listen, and think. I need to streamline my vision. Any VA's in San Jose...I'd be glad to do a weekly walk, snack, dog park thing. God bless! Annette
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