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  1. Looking for suggestions, best practices for building a strong team and keeping it all organized. I have a few ladies that work with me regularly, and I plan to expand. Might any of you who do the same have systems you wouldn't mind sharing with me? Thanks so much, Jen
  2. She FINALLY wrote me back, via LinkedIn. Holy moly! This is exactly why I work on pre-paid retainers. She owned up to it today and apologized for not responding. Per my signed contract 6 months ago, she agreed to pay me for the time lost from her lack of communication ( 2 weeks). Thank goodness my lawyer helps with my contracts!
  3. Hello tribe! This will be a short rant and general request for your suggestions. I have a client whom I've outsourced to a member of my team. They seemed to be working together great for 3 months now. The project manager (let's call her Ann) hasn't heard from the client in over a week. I have stepped in with phone calls, emails and texted the client to see what's up and advise "them" about our contract. I've been a VA for 8 years so I do have experience with this in the past, and yes, there is a contract. The client has not responded to any form of communication in the past 2 weeks. This is holding up availability for myself and the project manager. How long do you wait for a client to reply to you before you fire them? I appreciate your support here. Jen
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