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  1. Excellent tips! Thanks for sharing. Monika, Senior Tax Consultant Ace Cloud Hosting
  2. This utility might help you: https://www.propersoft.net/csv2iif/ Thanks, Monika Goel Ace Cloud Hosting
  3. Hi Kathy, You can use this directory to find QuickBooks trainers near you that can help on the QuickBooks setup, payroll, software training and support. Thanks, Monika Senior Tax Consultant Ace Cloud Hosting
  4. Personally, I'm using QuickBooks desktop on the cloud for many years. I've also used QBO, but it somewhat narrows down your capability to do more accounting since it has less features than QuickBooks desktop which can be hosted on the cloud. Before going to choose, QuickBooks hosting or QuickBooks Online, check out these differences between the two: 1. Hosting is available only for QuickBooks Desktop Versions (Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Accountant) that works on cloud, on the other hand QuickBooks Online is a fully cloud accounting software. 2. Hosted QuickBooks provides faster access to QuickBooks application and data. On the other hand, heavy traffic may slow down your work, if using QuickBooks Online 3. QuickBooks Hosting provides more add-ons that products. On the other hand, QBO has comparatively less apps or add-ons to work with. 4. There is a majority of Intuit endorsed hosting provider such as AceCloudHosting. On the hand, Only Intuit outsource and manage QuickBooks Online. 5. Hosted QuickBoooks pricing changes from provider to provider, mostly starting from $15/m, on the other hand, QuickBooks Online costs $23/m. Hope it would help you, Thanks, Monika Goel Senior Tax Consultant Ace Cloud Hosting
  5. Xero or QuickBooks, what is good fit for your business depends on your business requirements and your geography since both are fully featured accounting software. Xero, a market leaders for accounting software in New Zealand, makes it a better option for New Zealanders and Australians, whereas QuickBooks is best suited for Americans and Canadians. Thanks, Monika Senior Tax Consultant Ace Cloud Hosting
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