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  1. Well "ICanAssit" looks better and more meaningful.
  2. Well it's the hardest thing to convince anyone especially in a situation when your client is happy with the current stuff.
  3. Great awesome article you share about tracking traffic. I think you should also share a guide about how to track event goals?.
  4. Its better to ask for a credit card number from clients.I usually do this.
  5. A content which is very famous on the net and spread at so many places.
  6. For all my clients google is the best way to get traffic.
  7. You can do a trick, where you host your old site you can redirect that site to your revamped one.
  8. Great advice you give especially for the individuals who just start their online business and promotions.
  9. To start learning from scratch I must say you should do some customizing with themes in this way you get the deep knowledge about how word press actually works.
  10. This site is even not working www.bookmarketingvirtually.com, You need to fix it.
  11. Hello I James More from Indio California, I am a lawyer by profession but interested in Information Technology, I also work virtually in web development area.
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