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  1. Greetings! Anybody there having experience with that website http://www.virtualassistantjobs.com/? I have discovered that website and I'm really curious If they're reliable website or SCAM. It's strange because when you open any job offer they require putting your own website to the job application. Thank you in advance for your reply. Best Regards, Eva
  2. Hi Emily, I really appreciate your answers. I have got another query regarding paperwork namely insurance covering myself, my clients and my subcontractors. I have successfully found one contract proposal on the internet and I am in a process of riding through that document and then I would be pleased to send you that document to approval. If it is a good proposal of contract or should I avoid it. 1. What plan do you have on Wix? - Unlimited Entrepreneurs (bigger storage 20GB) and Freelancers or eCommerce (bigger storage 100GB)? 2. I am facing an issue with creating a new account on PayPal. I have already created one account there but I need to create another one for my business. The first one including an address of my country but now I live in a different country and I need to setting a new account. The problem is that If I start to entering a postcode I don't believe but it doesn't work properly. My first account has five numbers and my new one will have 7 numbers. Please, any idea where is a problem? Thank you in advance for your help !! Best Regards, Eva
  3. Hi Emily, thank you for your answer, time and support !! 1. If I understood well, are you working as Self-Employed having other Self-Employed subcontractors working under your business? 2. I have contacted knowledgeable folks from a different country and they would be happy to cooperate with me. But they live in a country having different taxes and I would pay them from my country. Is it a problem? 3. I am currently in a process of doing the website. I was thinking of Wix because I like their templates and offering services, but I have got a lot of different opinions that WordPress are better and looks more professional. Emily, what is your opinion? 4. What paperwork should I prepare before starting off? OK: I thinking of creating a website is the easiest part But, I am still struggling with thoughts regarding the concept of that kind of business as subcontracting is. My thoughts: - If I publish a price list including my prices, e.g. £22-25 and they will have a possibility to look at that price list and asking me Eva why you are offering £22-25 per hour and paying us just half of that price? Of course, we are providing an excellent service and we should get the same rate as you offer on the website. Where is an issue? 5. If you are creating a contract to your freelancers (subcontractors), what should you mention there? - my rates publishing on the website or my rates for them 6. Please, do you have a draft of contracts - you as freelancer and clients, you as freelancer and your subcontractor 7. What other paperwork should I do before starting off? Apart from preparing contracts, having software for invoicing, what about insurance for covering my business? Thank you in advance for your response, time and support Look forward to hearing back from you soon. Best Regards, Eva
  4. Hi there, I am currently preparing a business plan for setting up own VA business and I am thinking of cooperating with other experienced freelancers. I would like to work on myself (as Self Employed), create an own website including info about me, services, price list atc. I already contacted some experienced people out of my country who are freelancing as well and they are happy to cooperate a few hours per week. Not all of them are Virtual Assistants, but they have lot of experience regarding office task. I am a little bit scared of that. That is no chance to set up the business like that. I haven't got many years of experience, but I am able to do some tasks, but not all of them. I am in the process of improving MS Office, WordPress, some simple design etc. I have spent many hours with thinking of agreements between me and clients and between me and staff supporting me. I am scared that it can be a big risk for me, my potential clients and my potential team, mainly due to terms and conditions in agreement and finance. INSURANCE AS well. 1. Anybody there who is having some proposal of an agreement between you and client and between you and your outsourced team? 2. Is it possible to have a different price list on the website and different price list for outsourced freelancers? For example, my rate will be £25 / hour and freelancers £12,50 / per hour...Can they find out that should I give them much more different rate? 3. Is it fine If you will save the difference between your earnings and their earnings? I mean your commission. Can someone help?
  5. Hi, have you any experience like this? I don't want to be an employer, I want to set up own business as a freelancer and I am thinking of asking some experienced people out of my country If they are interested in. Me - freelancer and manager of other freelancers below me Have an own website offering our portfolio, try to find some potential clients and cooperate with mentioned freelancers from different areas of work (e.g. 1 person will have an experience with WordPress and design, another will have experience with bookkeeping and publishing). Of course, I am little bit scared of it. I haven't enough experience freelancing, managing other freelancers and business like this but still thinking of it. I was thinking of as well create an own agency on UpWork and try to manage freelancers there. But I am scared of sending money for completed work. Because when I read their rules they are not responsible would I gonna do with earnings... If someone have experience with this kind of cooperation, please let me know. Look forward to your reply. Thanks :-)
  6. Hi, anybody here who is working as a VA and coordinate an own team of VA's as well? I have been thinking of becoming a VA as well as establishing an own team of VA's. Please, let me know If is anybody there who is doing that kind of cooperation and is able to have a chat. I would like to find a few members to my team (eg 3 members) and then be a manager of own team. The clients would pay me and If the clients will be satisfied with completed tasks I would pay to VA's. Anybody here having the same experience, feel free to message me. Thank you in advance
  7. Hi team, My name is Eva and I am Czech nationality, but now I am a resident of UK. I have over 5 years of office experience and I would like to become a successful VA on the market. I am currently in a process of studying how to become a PA and how to successfully setup own business. I haven't any plan yet and still thinking about how to start. Profile: I am a highly motivated, confident, positive and hardworking individual with a great ability and eagerness to learn. I have gained a wealth of academic knowledge and have years of ICT customer service experience, focusing on handling any customer issues and complaints as well as providing various administrative support to the whole ICT department. Solving incidents and problems on daily basis via email and phone as well as face to face communication. I am a great team player and also have a great ability to work without any supervision. I am struggling, where should I build a website (WordPress, Wix etc) Am I interesting for a market? Can I offer a variety of services? Where should I find clients? How much should I charge? Anyway, I have got free membership and meanwhile, I don't plan to upgrade (due to my savings). I would be pleased in getting touch with everyone helpful and supportive Thank you in advance for your help !! Best Regards, Eva Feel free to meet me at http://uk.linkedin.com/in/evasrovnalikova
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