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  1. Hi there! I can't say that I have a niche per say. More of a set of services that can apply to anyone (although I pick and choose who I want to work with). I stick with administrative type duties. It is what I enjoy, and not picking a niche allows me to work with all sorts of different people, which I enjoy. You can find me on here or my website www.thenecessarysecretary.com
  2. Hi there! My name is Melleigha. I have been a virtual assistant for the past 5 years, and have recently opened my new website. I would invite you guys to take a look, but I am waiting on my sales copy and about pages from a couple of other freelancers. Up until now, I have worked on sites such as Elance, Upwork, and Fiverr. I enjoy my work and am so excited, because I am about to set up a phone conversation with a potential client! It will be my first outside of a freelance site!
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