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  1. You'd be perfect for a Medical Transcriptionist but I think you'll have to practice some audio listening in order to get it done perfectly.
  2. Personally, India has quite a fair labor pool but I would think twice of outsourcing VA work from China. Here are my reasons: 1. English language is not a "native" language in China. By native I mean it's not even a second language as opposed to countries like India and the Philippines, where English comes as a natural second language in which children from those countries already learn as they grow up both at home and schools (add to that the fact that Philippines and India were colonized by the US and Britain, respectively, and the Philippines have a very Americanized culture.) I would also like to point out that most chinese who speak english are taught by Filipinos and it's a fact and even if they learn to speak the language, more often than not they will have a very heavy accent. 2. The Chinese govt is always in control and have their eyes on everything. If you read or watch news, you should have a good understanding of this. So whatever trade secret you have in your business will likely be compromised because all users in China are constantly monitored. I'm not being biased here, just merely stating these simple things if you consider quality and security as important factors to your business.
  3. I'm not a business owner but I've worked for many businesses and clients (both direct and through agencies.) Filipinos are very reliable, trainable and dependable when it comes to VA work. Not only they understand and speak English very well compared to other Asian countries, their culture is very Americanized.
  4. It depends on what the client prefers. If he wants you to take care of the printing of the graphic you created, it's best you send the graphic to a printing service that offers glossy.
  5. If the PrntScrn key doesn't work for you you can download Jing from Techsmith. It's easy and free
  6. The noise is likely coming from a component with moving parts. It could be the fan or the hard drive. You can call Dell's tech support so they can help you isolate the problem and if your laptop is still under warranty they should be able to replace the part.
  7. Late post also but there are bot upside and downside for SSDs. The upside is that SSDs don't have moving parts like HDDs so it's not prone to malfunctions that HDDs are susceptible to due to their moving parts. Simply put, SSDs are like big flash drives that have higher capacity. The downside is SSDs are very expensive and have lower size capacity than HDDs.
  8. AVG is free and very good. But if you're someone who take solace in "I get more protection if it's paid" then you can try Kaspersky, McAffee or Norton
  9. Looks like you're compatible with accounting and bookkeeping
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