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  1. Hi. I am actually filing 1099’s for the first time for a booster club. They pay the same techs during the year to provide lessons to kids. They get a W-9 signed for all techs for the school year and keep track of the end of year sum. Since I am trying to start as a VA, I plan on sending my W-9 at the beginning and will track it myself.
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    I recently helped form a booster club in Texas. I have knowledge in the documents filed with the State, obtained an umbrella 501(c)(3), maintained reports, etc. I have been trying to find my niche for about two years now and I really enjoyed organizing this club. So, my niche is to service new and existing non-profits and small businesses. Im still working on my website but I wonder if anyone is already doing something similar.
  3. Hello. My Name is Venessa. I live along the South Texas border. I am married and have four kids ranging from ages 17 thru 10. I have been going to school for many years (graduated in 2015) all while working a full time job. I found VANetworking website while doing my research about working at home and starting an online business. I have been working for over 17 years and I feel that it is time that I do something for myself. I am very new and sometimes a lil afraid to jump in. But I am learning about Freelancer and Wordpress, and have been researching the VA field, to boost my confidence. I have over 15 years of banking experience and my current area of expertise is in research, analysis, compliance, and the like. Pretty much back off departments with a lot of paperwork processing. Right now, my strongest skill is research. As part of my job, I have to research customers (individuals & companies) and document their profile, nature of business, etc. I hope to find clients that need this type of skill.
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