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  1. Hello everyone, I am Pamela! I am new in the VA business as well as on this site. I am a very business minded person and was searching the web on what type of business i could do.Then came across the VA business idea. I was interested, created my own business name "Virtual Assistant Haven" and got it registered. However, I started my MBA and because of my job and how tedious the MBA was, I never was able to launch it. Now, that I am done with my MBA (Not even finding a job lol), I'm ready to launch and get started with my VA business. I also discovered this site (VAnetworking.com) on my own while doing more research! I have noticed that this site contains a lot of valuable info which will help jump start my business. I feel so lucky to have discovered this site which contains so much helpful information. I currently live in Houston, Texas and I have no kids yet. I look forward on sharing professional ideas with everyone and also getting more advise where possible. Thank you
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