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  1. Hey Julian Can you teach me how to land clients? I would love to excel in this field but I'm all over the place. I'm seeing where you're saying you need to have a target market. I don't have one. I just want to offer my skills to those who need it. Is having a target market a must? I would love if you could help me
  2. Hello everyone well my skills are Data Entry and customer service. I don't have a usb headset yet so I can only offer email handling of customers. I also have some experience in social media account handling. I never looked at speaking to other VA's. Was just focusing on finding clients but I could try that.
  3. Hi Danielle. That's what I would like to do but to be honest I don't know where to find those groups. I don't know where to find people who are seeking my skills. I'm on a few sites like Upwork but people there are looking for those with all these experiences so I don't stand a chance.
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Marshanique Arthurs and I'm new to this field. However I'm very passionate about it. I'm eager to learn how it works. I would like to call it MAAssistant but I have just started with a website that just tells a little about me and the services I would offer: http://marshaniquewalker.wix.com/virtualassistant . I am willing to work 40 hours per week for 4 weeks for $10 per hour in an effort to learn and gain experience and also have a possibility of working full time with whoever accepts my offer. On a light note, I'm from the little island of Jamaica. I'm married to the most wonderful but sometimes irritating man and have created one child with him. This year makes two years since we decided to "tie the knot" my son is 8 months old now and such a joy to be around. I quit my job recently to pursue this dream and so far, even though I haven't been able to land a job, I have learnt so much. I hope my offer will be seen by someone seeking my skills and that my start to creating an awesome business will start soon
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