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  1. Welcome, I am new to the Group as well, so really excited to network with you and other, good luck.
  2. Yes, I am currently Networking as much as I can to secure some more clients, so fingers crossed! Thanks
  3. Hello Everyone! My name is Sarah and I have recently decided to take the jump of setting up a Bookkeeping and VA business. A little about myself... I am a mum to an amazing little girl and currently have one client who I complete all their Bookkeeping and Admin needs, I was lucky enough to get this client through word of mouth. I have been networking as much as I can to secure some more clients so I can make this a full time option for myself, I would love to speak to you all and get hints and tips and all your experiences as I believe it can only Strengthen what I am trying to achieve. Be great to hear from you all. Thanks Sarah
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