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  1. Hi everyone, I'm Harold from Philippines. I'm new to Virtual Assistant business and one of the skill I want to hava to offer to clients is accounting/bookkeeping. What I want now is to become an intern. I'm looking for someone to become my partner in accounting, someone who could enhance my skill in the field of accounting/bookkeeping. You can contact me via: Yahoo Email: bacon.harold@yahoo.com Gmail: haroldbacon239@gmail.com skype: harold.bacon3 Thank you. Looking forward in working with you!
  2. Hi there everybody, wazzup? Hows biz? I have a question about finding a mentor. I'm planning to find a mentor first before diving into marketing my skills si that somebody could point out my mistakes and teach me the things I need to learn. What do you think? And also to make sure that my client would be happy with the service I'm offering.
  3. How long does it take for you to get your first client?
  4. And what are this exact skills I need to learn in accounting? You said that the client may need more than just the basic? Thanks Mrs. Juliam Palmer.
  5. Hi everyone, I just want to ask if do I need to have a solid background of accounting in working online? Or is basics enought? Like knowing debit and credits?
  6. Yes Mr. Mark. I'm looking forward in learning new skills here to offer to clients. Thanks for the immediate response Mr. Mark. As of now maybe I still don't have any questions. If its okay for you I'll just reach you later if I already do have a question.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm Harold Bacon from Philippines. I'm new to VA(just a couple of weeks ago). I joined this forum to find some sources that could help me build a successfull virtual assistant business online. I'm looking for some friendly individuals to share some of their experience with me. I watch lot of videos in handling emails and also using microsoft excel and powerpoint. And what I want now is to enhance my skills in providing this service to a client. Thanks a lot. Hoping to meet a lot of people here.
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