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  1. Thank you! I'm excited to be here. I've already learned so much and look forward to meeting more amazing people.
  2. Hi Juli, Thank you for the great welcome and FB link. I have already set up my website page outlining the services I have available. This forum provides great insight and advice for "newbies" to the VA world like me. I'll keep you updated on my progress. Here's a link to my website and page. Debbie
  3. Hi Tawnya, Thanks so much for the welcome! I'm pretty excited about finally narrowing into a niche. As I search through job boards and read about what clients are looking for, "good writing" always seems to be at the top of their list. My problem is getting out in front of those clients to offer my skills. Having said that, I plan to add a Virtual Assistant tab to my website and market the heck out of it through my blog, FB, Twitter and LinkedIn. Oh, and if any of your clients happen to ask again for recommendations for a "good writer," I'd be honored if you'd point them in my direction (wink, wink.) I'm looking forward to getting to know the VA community here and throwing in my two cents where I can be helpful. Enthusiastically, Debbie
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm Debbie Dey. I've been an administrative assistant in the non-virtual world for over 37 years (How did that happen?!) I am currently working a full-time day job as an AA for a residential home builder and work for the president and two executive vp's. I just celebrated my 29-year anniversary there, so I guess they like me. I've been a freelance writer, as a second career, for the last five years. I started out ghostwriting for content mills and now have a few established clients where I've earned several bylines with blogs, website content, press releases and marketing. I've struggled with trying to establish a writing niche (so far I've marketed myself as a generalist) in areas such as real estate, DIY, tourism, career advice or relationship/lifestyle blogger. As I try to narrow my expertise into one or two categories, the same thing keeps coming up - I'm an administrative assistant (and a good one!) Today, it finally hit me - I should become a Virtual Assistant! I'm absolutely not ready to give up my day job nor do I want to stop freelance writing, but I'm hoping to combine both skills into a lucrative online VA job. I'm anxious to learn all I can about this amazing career path and look forward to some expert guidance from those that have gone before me. Most of my time has been committed to finding and writing for clients, so my blog has been geared toward maintaining an online presence. It's filled with a few of my own posts but primarily re-blogs interesting topics from others. My website is debbiedeywrites.wordpress.com. If you're interested, you can view samples of my own work by selecting the Portfolio tab or clicking here. I'd love to connect with some VA specialists through this website and forum to grow my own business and provide administrative support so clients can grow theirs. Thanks in advance for the support. Debbie
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