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  1. Hi, is anyone familiar with the applications which Zoho provides? I came across it when I was looking for online CRMs. I want to know if it will be useful for providing or managing any VA service ?
  2. I have an idea of what services to provide under database management. But I want to be sure of doing it the correct way. Are online CRMs a better tool to provide this service or Microsoft Excel will do ?
  3. I've come across Zoho which is an Online CRM. Do you think it is good for database management purposes?
  4. As a virtual assistant, when I say that I will be providing database management service, what service do clients expect from me? I searched online and found some of these services under database setup & management- Database design and maintenance Data entry of customer names and information Create data spreadsheets from compiled records Process new data Create reports for clients Create graphs and other visuals Tech support for clients using new databases What other services come under database management? What kind of data do I have to organize? In what format should I be setting up a company's database? Is there any software/CRM to be used for this purpose? Please provide me some insight on how to actually do this task.
  5. Can we use Wordpress.org to develop website and then publish it on godaddy? Also, is the uptime and downtime of godaddy reliable?
  6. Hi, can you give me some insight on database management service? For example, if I've a client who wants me to manage data for his e-commerce website (updating product inventory and descriptions, photos, pricing and contact info, storage of each online order... etc.), how should I do it? Or store all contacts from a bunch of business cards in one place to manage contact list for clients and access them later Is there any online data management software available which can manage the data?
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