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  1. Hi Everyone, I have been working on updating all my content for all my mediums (including my website) and thought maybe I would put it on here before I changed anything. Below I have written an updated Summary for LinkedIn. I would love any feedback! As a Customer Support Extraordinaire with more than 15 years in the Contact Center Industry, I help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and e-commerce companies "WOW" their customers. I have a passion for customer service and create innovative solutions to keep customers committed to your brand and have them coming back for more. Check me out on my website at (will add when content ready) In this fast-paced business environment, it is virtually impossible to take care of all the day to day tasks and paperwork and still find time to concentrate on your business. Witte Business Solutions is dedicated to handling all your time consuming tasks that take you away from building your business. My mission is to provide clients with expert business support while maintaining trust and confidentiality. I concentrate on getting my clients organized and keeping the administrative side of your business flowing smoothly. My aim is to help you grow your business by being that go-to gal you can depend on so you can focus on GROWING YOUR BUSINESS. My areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, administration and secretarial work, customer support, data entry, order entry, Internet research, managing emails, agenda and appointment setting, and events/travel planning and arrangements, all with a commitment to customer service. I'm also knowledgeable with different email marketing platforms like MailChimp and Aweber as well as project management tools such as Basecamp and Asana. Send an email to wittebusinesssolutions@gmail.com to learn more. If I can't be of service, I may know of others who could help. After all, creating and fostering relationships - and giving back - is a cornerstone of conducting business today.
  2. Are there other services that you could provide for each client that could fill up any extra hours?
  3. Thank you all. It's all starting to really get overwhelming. The same for Danielle, I want to be able to have the freedom, right now it does work out with what I have because the calls go to my phone and everything is set up online so I can answer and enter any possible orders from any where if I choose. I just take my tablet with me, but I'd prefer to not be bound by hours either. I still have a lot of learning to do!!
  4. AWE! Finally, some answers to start with! Thank you soooo much!
  5. Anyone have customer service as their niche? I'm thinking that with my background, that would be a great place to start. I currently answer incoming calls for one client, as well as order processing. Any thoughts on whether or not this is something that could be charged by the hour, or by the phone call? Currently I get paid by the call that I answer. I could include email/chat support as well. But it can be stressful charging by the call/chat/email as the income could be too varying and unreliable. And of course, there are other things that I could offer in addition. Then the next question would be who would my target market be?
  6. Hi All! My name is Jessica Weigel. I am new to the field. In a recent catastrophe (servers crashed with no backups) with my last employer, they had to shut down the company and ended up shutting their doors. When that happened, a client called me directly to ask me to continue to work with from home, thus I decided I was going to open my own business. I don't have a particular niche. I offer general VA services. I would love to meet any locals to network with and really get a better feel for everything. After watching Tawnya's introductory video on becoming a VA, I was able to put together a basic website. Now I'm just trying (desperately) to get more clients. I have been on a few different forums and I find that this one is the easiest to use with the most resources, so Thank You and Great Job! Looking forward to making things happen!
  7. That is all good advice. I too am just starting out and still trying to land clients. That is a great way to get a foot in the door.
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