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  1. Hey Everyone, My name is Candice Valentine and I am new to the VA industry. I came across this gold mine last year when I was quitting my high stressed customer service call center job to stay at home. I wanted to be home with my children (I have 3 kids and I am pregnant now) but still be included in the workforce. So with some time and research I discovered that I could take my years of administrative skills and customer service skills and apply them to be a Virtual Assistant. My business is called OHM Virtual Assistance, we bring peace of mind to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and independent consultants. I'm still trying to find my niche so I am open to maybe changing in the future. I currently live in Columbus, Georgia (my hometown) but I probably won't be here for long, I love to travel. I love practicing yoga and I love to learn. I am very excited to be apart of this forum. I hope to find a mentor, some friends, and a wealth of helpful information. Thank you in advance to everyone.
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