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  1. Does anyone have one of these they would be willing to share or advice on any mistakes they've made (or items they learned should be in one)? Ive found a couple of free ones online that I can use asa a starting point. Thanks! Amiee
  2. I agree with all of the above. I think people get stuck on that "hourly" rate comparing that to what they would pay an employee. Only the benefits of having a VA (employment taxes depending on where you live, paying for time not used for actual work, benefits, hourly guarantee, etc) SAVE them money in the long run. People like that need to remember they are paying for contract labor, not an employee.
  3. Hi Katherine- I worked for a Top Producing team (the first 8 years as an in-office employee and the last 3 1/2 as a VA) and negotiated a "per the job" pay rate. I am currently working for another client on an hourly basis. I much prefer getting paid by the service.. Im finding that im almost penalized for my efficiency when paid by the hour where as by the job, you can hone your efficiency skills and still make a decent living. I negotiated a rate for listing entry which includes a preset menu of services and until recently, had a flat rate for contract to close work. Again, I had an agreed on menu of services I was to provide for their clients. For contract to close, I only got paid after closing, which meant I did put in some work I didnt get paid for. Some would never agree to that kind of structure but I accept that as a part of this business (not that I like it for sure!) and our agents were really good about holding contracts together so It didnt happen too often. Again, however, I was able to set my systems so that I only did the minimal amount of work until we knew for sure the contract was going through.. then the remainder of the tasks kicked in. Im just now branching off from this team and doing some things for other agents and am considering setting up a Hourly and per service menu so that if they just have a list of small items that needs to be tackled, I can charge them hourly but if they have larger projects or want me to handle recurring marketing or project related items, I can have a flat rate set for each of those. Hope this helps! Amiee
  4. If you are meeting with a client, do you include the travel time to get to the meeting location in your charges? Thanks in advance for your input!! Amiee
  5. Hello everyone! I am Amiee from Marietta, GA, a larger suburb/city about 20 miles northwest of Atlanta. Ive been a licensed realtor and doing real estate assistant work for 13 years, the last 4 virtually, mainly for one large real estate team but am currently branching out to other industries related (i.e. builders) and unrelated, mostly getting business through word of mouth at this point. I have done everything from office and operations management, to contract management, marketing and bookkeeping. I have lived in and around the area for 40 years and am married with two children, late elementary/middle school aged so virtual work really gives me the flexibility to be where I need to be when I need to be there! Happy to find a group to join as I branch out and find my footing in this exciting career Amiee
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