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  1. sounds good Lily. I should keep that in mind. what is the hourly rate in dollars now these days? I used to work for a salary back in South Africa, so have no idea.
  2. Ah yes, is that what you call it? Used to love doing that. In one case I was working for an employment agency for a while where some of my work entailed checking man hours worked, their rates etc and compared that to what we would invoice the clients. When something was not adding up, I had to dig into payroll and double check the wages and the invoices and find the problems, at times had to consult with payroll on that regard. Once found payroll overpaid someone by 50 000 Rand (South Africa) for one month. lol. I am not great with doing the yearly taxes, vat I can do, but forensic was my forte too. Nice to meet you Lily. You say there is a desperate need for bookkeepers? Love to know more if that is ok. Regards Bat Sheva.
  3. I specialize in bookkeeping, have been doing it for more than 17 years, (Accounts Payable & Receivable, General Ledger, Cashbook, VAT, Inventory, Financial reports) & payroll. I use Quickbooks and Excel. I also do budgets (planning and projecting).
  4. Hi, saw your post. I have been doing books for 17+ years, including admin, payroll. I would like to connect with fellow bookkeepers and accountants. Regards Bat Sheva.
  5. Hi, I am obviously new here. I have 17+ years of experience in bookkeeping and administration work. My aim is to connect with other VA's and network, assist them with overflow of work and keeping their books up to date. Regards Bat Sheva
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