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  1. If you want the CD's to be playable in a variety of players, such as auto, stereo, computer, etc. then you will want them to be created as audio CDs rather than just an MP3 CD. I have 3 recommendations for fulfillment houses that can create these and send out for your client. Daniel at Marketing Members - marketingmembers@gmail.com, Chris at Virtual Media - chris@virtualmedia.cc, Vervante Services - http://vervante.com.
  2. Thank you, both of you! I think I read that Adobe Connect has to be hosted on your own server so I don't think we would be interested in that. Pam, I'm going to check out your suggestion. Sounds really promising! Here are some that I found online but still checking into pricing and features: http://www.stream57.com http://www.on24.com/products/webcasting http://www.ivisit.com/products_presenter http://www.instantpresenter.com/Web-Conferencing-Pricing.aspx ($48.00/month for 25 attendees, ouch!) http://www.omnovia.com http://www.vmukti.com http://code.google.com/p/openmeetings http://bigbluebutton.org http://freebinar.com (free but sometimes free isn't always the best. They are like a replacement for DimDim that was purchased by Salesforce. In reviewing their Facebook page some people have had problems.) Thanks again. Lynne
  3. Hi everyone, I have a client that would like to start doing webinars and until her attendance for these is high she would like to start off with something low-cost, under $50.00/month. Does anyone have any recommendations for some webinar software that fits this description. Thanks! Lynne
  4. I'm posting here as this isn't really an RFP but feel free to move this post if needed. I have a client that is needing some on-site assistance in Washington DC next week. This person would need to be at a trade-show to cover his booth when he isn't available. Perfect job for someone out of work and would like to earn a little extra money or someone that normally doesn't work and would like to get out of the house for a few days. It's important that this person have business casual dress and a happy demeanor. If you can recommend anyone to us, we would appreciate it. He will not be covering hotel costs so this is why he would prefer someone within driving distance to the location. You can contact me at lynne@virtualsunsupport.com. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm looking for recommendations for a teleconference company that doesn't play the "ding" every time someone enters the room, has an online dashboard so I can moderate the call so client can just do her speaking and doesn't cost a fortune. Thanks!
  6. I think that my heart is broke most of all that someone would do this to me, as I know I would never do that to anyone. I started out in the same position as this VA did and was happy to work under another VA and handle her client tasks. When the relationship ended, I never dreamed of contacting any of her clients nor, had they contacted me, would I have went to work with them. I knew that I had signed a non-compete and would honor that. For someone to do this to me just really hurts. I've always felt that VA's look out for each other and wouldn't do this type of thing but I guess it was bound to happen eventually and I'll admit that I'm sometimes too naive or trusting, whatever you want to call it. I just know that I still believe that most VA's are in business for the right reasons and have very high ethics. Too bad I ran into one that is not like most. I gained this particular client through a referral of another client of mine. I've worked very hard to build my business up to a referral status level. Many hours were spent marketing, learning, building relationships, etc. over the last 4+ years to get to that point so when I took on this associate VA, I basically handed the client over to her, she didn't have to invest anything to get this client and the hours. To all VA's starting out, please keep this in mind. If you are working under another VA, remember that it has been her hard earned time/sweat/tears to get her business to the level it's at and appreciate the opportunities she is giving you and honor that. I'm speaking with an attorney. Once bitten, once I pick up my phone. Thanks for all of your comments.
  7. Hi there, I'm hoping that someone can advise how you best handled the frustration of learning that somone breached a non-compete agreement with you. I worked with an associate VA for almost a year, with a non-compete agreement. She handled several client tasks and was the main VA for one client in particular. In April she took on a full-time position with a company outside of her home and informed me that she would no longer be able to work with me and was closing her VA practice. Today I received an email to her from Linked In to the email address that she used under my domain and felt that I should forward it to this particular client. The client responded with a thank you for forwarding but also mentioned that she is still working with this associate VA and said "As you know, non-compete agreements do not hold up." As you can imagine, I'm very upset. Would be very interested in hearing how you have handled this situation in your business. Thank you. Lynne
  8. I found the forum by doing a Google search for home based secretary, work from home, administrative assistant from home...back when I was dreaming of working from home and getting out of the corporate rat race and roads filled with road rage drivers. LOL That was back in 2003. I lurked for a while and then joined. I think there were only 200 members when I first came across the forum. Wow, was that really 5 years ago?!
  9. Hi all, I'd like to hear what others are using for webinar classes with their clients that is MAC and Vista compatible? Looking for registration auto-responder and reminder email features as well. Thanks! Lynne
  10. I have Google Alerts set up for CRM and Customer Relationship Management in an effort to stay on top of the latest and greatest. Give that a try. I've read some great articles on CRM's this way. Maybe I'll see yours soon!
  11. I love hearing good news!! Have fun with this one! Sounds like he'll keep you on your toes and I have a feeling you'll be loving every minute of it. LOL
  12. After someone has purchased a product/service or inquired, as long as you have made it known up front that they would be getting regular emails (from your client), than a weekly ezine, enewsletter or short email is fine. For an "auto-responder campaign" where you send out emails after purchase or inquiry, a good schedule is 3 days, 10 days, 30 days, 45 days and 60 days - minimum to remind them about the product, ask if they are getting value and have any questions and throwing in an email asking for a testimonial if they love the product is a good idea. I usually do this at the 45 day or 60 day mark. You also want to remind them to get if off their shelf if they purchased and it's just sitting there or sitting in a folder on their computer somewhere. You want to re-vive interest and engage interaction if possible. Tons of ways to do this. Try to introduce them to a different product offered by your client at the 45 day mark using an enticing offer email. I hope this helps.
  13. A client of mine recently moved from MyEmma. There were limitations that we found frustrating. If you wanted a custom template, you had to have them customize it, they do not have the option to have a regular sized optin form (it's actually quite large, bulky and cannot be made smaller) and you are charged for every email blast sent out through the system, even if it was to the "test" group which was myself and my client, so it actually became a very large bill each month. It's too bad because it really did/does have promise to be a great competitor of CC and Aweber if they can improve these items.
  14. I worked with Ed Lain, Lazer Graphix, for my logo. I like my logo so much that I promote him on my site. He's really a great guy to work with!! Good luck!
  15. Hi Dana, Yep, already know all that. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how the software companies themselves determine if an html ezine was viewed by the recipient? Thanks. Lynne
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