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  1. You can create a call log in Excel spreadsheet, I mostly do the same.
  2. Have you checked the available space on your hosting account/server?
  3. Hey there, it's nice to hear that you both have started your new venture. Hope will get some unique thoughts and discussions.
  4. Well, it's most important to know your company's financial health and then after there are many other factors. Limit your CRA audit, Make it sure that you are not missing deductions, Your seasonal cash flow.
  5. You will get better ideas by searching over Google. There are some common points that should be involved in a business plan like an executive summary, market analysis summary, financial planning and much more. This post may help you: http://articles.bplans.com/a-standard-business-plan-outline/
  6. Thanks for tips but couldn't find the 1st part. Can you please share the link of that..
  7. Thanks for sharing these platforms, especially Periscope was just new for me and I am going to try this.
  8. No, its not like that, AFAIK with QuickBooks online you can easily remotely backup your data files It provides PC-level security and encrypted file transfer.
  9. I will suggest you to calculate your rate by 3 months.
  10. You can search it over Google or on any other social media forums that will help you to get some ideas.
  11. I will say having a LinkedIn business profile is really going to help you in many ways. It can enhance the number of clients through increased visibility and also provide some great candidate for your business.
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