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  1. It's a great idea! Why not?!! I have made many contacts this way, and found new clients in the process. It is a great way to "introduce" them to the concept of a VA. Some people will say they need someone in the office, but after chatting with them, you can make them realize that some of the tasks that they "thought" had to be done in the office, can be done "virtually". Of course, you will find alot of the folks definitely need someone in-house, so be prepared for a lot of "no's". But the occasional "yes" will make it worth your while. Good Luck!
  2. I am having a brain-freeze - I can't remember how to total a column...... The information is in a table. I have recorded the number of hours that a person volunteered. I need the total number of hours recorded. I thought I would run a query to get this info., however it's not working. Anyone???? Thanks!
  3. I have found several clients from answering want-ads. Some of the ads said "can work from home" in the ad, and others did not, but sounded like it could be a possibilty by the type of work listed. When I respond to the ad, I immediately tell them that I am a VA. Sometimes they need someone in-house, and all I'm out is a phone call. Other times - they are willing to discuss things. Sometimes, they are actually looking for a VA, and didn't "think" to put that in the ad! I will say that it takes ALOT of phone calls or e-mails to even get an interview. Persistance is the word here. Seeing as I have had success with this, and continue to seek clients this way - I would say "Go For It!!!!" Good Luck
  4. Thanks for all of the responses so far. It is good to hear that I'm not totally "off the wall". I probably will give her a little more time, and if need be, voice my concerns. Then, if things don't change - off to finding more clients. Most of the folks that I've worked for have been great! So, this one is throwing me for a loop. Thanks again!
  5. Good Morning Everyone, I have a new client (1 month old), and she is the "President and Owner" of a small consulting company. The business consists of herself and 6 other consultants. I was hired to be her "Virtual Assistant" - she runs her business totally virtually. Here's the problem - She has not really been happy with any work that I have done. I have been doing "computer" work for 22 years, and everyone that I have worked for in that 22 years has been extremely pleased. So this is a new one for me. She can find something wrong with everything - right down to the font that I use in my e-mails....... Has anyone else been told to change their "font" to something more "professional"????? This totally blew me away. The e-mails simply go to her and her 6 associates. I had sent her a Micorsoft Word document with logos in the footers - she couldn't see the footers on the screen, assumed they weren't there, and re-did the entire document - spending many hours on it. She blamed me for it.... I told her how to "view" the footers, after the fact, and then she just changed the conversation to another subject... Sorry for rambling on and on, but it's really bugging me. I am going to give her some more time, however if she keeps it up - I will tell her that I don't want to work for her anymore due to the above reasons...... Let me know your thoughts on this client... Thanks!!!!
  6. Hello everyone, I have a general question - I have never billed for quick phone calls, however, if they get to be numerous and long, I'm wondering if I should be billing hours/minutes for them? I figure I'm working - however, seems odd to bill for that.... These are phone calls with my client. THANKS!
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