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  1. Do you analyze numbers when you call price? And do you analyze customer reaction on your price?
  2. Our project aims to provide tools for the economic analysis of business activities. We develop online calculators to estimate the effectiveness of business and provide recommendations. For example, based on the price elasticity method form shows reaction of demand when price changes(http://vashipodatki.info/ekonomiya-na-nalogakh/sovety/137-demand-forecasting), and the other form shows the maximum profit will be available at stated costs (http://vashipodatki.info/ekonomiya-na-nalogakh/sovety/141-profit-maximization). All forms are free to use, revenue expect to be received from advertising. We would like you to appreciate the convenience of use. Our project in active development. We see our product as on-line personal consultant that provide explanation of figures and give advise. For small business all tools must be free. We hope to make business easier. Konstantin
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