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  1. With every step alongside we guide, mentor and make sure you Win and get the Best deal. It is our duty to impress, so we ensure you get the Best in terms of Quality and Price. Via global support programs we have delivered projects around the world achieving tremendous results in growth. We are a Passionate about our Work and have fun while we are at it. We totally understand that Its only when you Grow, we can Grow too. We are called Redbox - we Stop, Think and Deliver out of the Box solutions. http://www.redbox.net.in , http://www.redboxinfotech.com Years in Business: Established in 2007, we are 9 years and growing stronger. We are a small company but have plans to expand Globally. ( We think Global as we have seen that customers can be from anywhere on this planet ) Specialize in : 1. Web design & development 2. Mobile Design and development 3. Software development 4. IT solutions / Consulting. We are actually located in Chennai, India I have worked in the USA for more than 12 years and also a green card holder/ permanent resident and most of my family is still there. I worked and lived in Chicago, Philadelphia and Southbend, IN and my primary education was in Zambia, Africa. I am native of India and have come back to India in 2013. Hobbies: Golf, Chess, Soccer and Digital marketing. Heard about VAnetworking site: from Google. Thanks a lot, Great concept and Kudoos to Tawnya. Awesome work and wish her all the success with this. Thanks and Best Raol
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