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  1. A gps fleet tracking device is the best solution for you. You just give your rate $5 or $6 or anything and it can calculate by itself.
  2. Yes I send W-9 form to every new client. And I explain 1099 Form to every new client. You should send a 1099 to every contractor–this means individuals or unincorporated businesses such as LLCS–to whom you paid $600 or more for services, rent, awards, or other miscellaneous business-related activities during the year. You can get some useful info from here. https://zipbooks.com/blog/1099-form-complete-guide-filing/ Oh forget to mention, only one time I had trouble making one of my client about this form and after sending him the papers he agreed.
  3. Thanks @Tawnya for referring such a useful article. I am using Norton for last two years. Windows 10 built in defender is also very strong. It protects users from most of the malware and viruses.
  4. Quickbooks, Xero, Sage all are so useful bookkeeping software's but I prefer Zipbooks. We are running a real estate business. As we are very new in business so we want to spend less for maintaining accounting services. Our AIPB certified bookkeeper also support that. Quickbooks interface is more user friendly than xero I think. But reporting system of Quickbooks is not open always that why some people don't like QB.
  5. Google Analytics is a fantastic thing. We can see whole website data at a time. We can see who are the live visitors now, where are the coming from, Location, Gender, by which keywords they came to visit my site...etc. So we can decide what to do next.
  6. Windows 10 is the best so far. Works faster than any other OS. And the windows 10 defender can beat any other antivirus systems.
  7. Price of SSD is a bit high but the performance is awesome. It works quicker than a blink of an eye.
  8. Did you find source of the sound? Is it cpu fan or casing fan? At first clean your pc for dust then find out where the noise is coming from. Sometime a good casing which has a better airflow system can help a lot.
  9. It depends on your experience and what type of work you are going to do. For data entry people charge from $3-$40. If you are a starter then around $5/$7 would be fine.
  10. I think SSD is the must one. If you don't have this one get it soon. You will feel the difference. All the applications and windows should be installed in SSD and other media in normal HDD.
  11. Thanks Danielle for the warm wishes and for the useful links.
  12. I am Chris. Professionally I am a virtual assistant. Besides that, I am a photographer (not professional). I love to travel across the country and shoot photos. I guess I'd like to bounce some ideas around and get guidance from experts here. Looking forward to it!
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