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    Hi I have also been following Tawnya for years and we me now being a full time VA and this being the year of pursuit for me I am jumping into this platform. I look forward to seeing you on the platform and chatting with you and others. Enjoy your day!
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    Hi Jo, you are a very busy person, I applaud you and your dedication to all things that make you happy keep up the energy and I hope that we will become great friends on this platform that can bounce ideas and topics off of each other.. See you later.
  3. Awesome,Congrats on your wedding we had a Sunrise wedding in the Chicago area and it was Awesome.. Thank you for placing my two post together and I will be a more engaged person this time around as I see that I have been around for a year.
  4. Thank you and I look forward to providing value and answers to questions to others..
  5. wow I look back on my introduction and am very sorry that i wasn't more involved and engaging in the posting.. Glad that I submitted another introduction so that people can know more about me.. WOW
  6. Hi everyone, I am Rhonda and I live in Chicago, I am the mother to three kids (two boys 24, 26 and a girl 14) who as always I love and adore with all my heart (at times) and I am a newlywed to a wonderful man that gives me the world daily if I asked. I actually got into the VA business by accident. I was doing the back end office task for a friend in her 501(c) 3 anyway and had recently quit my full time job because I didn't feel wanted or appreciated anymore and thought that I would get another job right away (never do this). I like that I was able to help her and I started networking in my circles of people that knew me from Network Marketing and helped several individuals get setup with Facebook, clients, etc. I wanted to be more professional with the service so my VA service is called Fly High Virtual Services, http://flyhighvirtual.weebly.com I have been in business for one year (yea) and that name was chosen because once you were an unknown person on social media sites now you are flying high within that realm of endless possibilities. I focus my business on the administrative side of things for now, offering items such as calendar management, email management, social media setup and maintenance and maintenance of blogs I don't do setup as that takes it to another realm that I am working on and trying to figure out how to do. When I am not doing virtual service work I am watching television as I love the CSI franchise series. I just love how they solve murders and people never get away with anything along with the technology used to solve the crimes. I found this forum by searching on Facebook for Virtual Assistants when I needed to know what was the options that I could and could not do within the realm it is awesome and I have learned so much from the takeaway and freebies of the group. I look forward to interacting with everyone and hope that everyone has a great time on this forum.. My motto everyday that I open my eyes is Negative out, Positive in.
  7. Hello! I am Rhonda Moore, Founder and CEO of Fly High Virtual Assistant Service (www.flyhigvirtual.weebly.com). I have 17+ years experience in Corporate America and Fly High Virtual Assistant Services will be the source of technological support to executives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. by helping them with tasks that make their businesses more productive by offering administrative, business and daily task management support services.

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