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  1. Thank you. I am really excited to be here! I am currently looking for sponsors within the pharmaceutical and healthcare-related industries. I have had some contacts and even communicated with some but we never seem to get anywhere! They appear interested and then they stop replying! I don't want to pester them, so I tend to stop contacting them after a while. I feel a bit stuck at the moment!!
  2. I have many years experience working in academic sciences admin (within a university Faculty of Medicine). I decided to make this my niche. I am able to do medical reports, transcription, billing and scheduling, etc. I also do science-focused events. I work full time (and I have also been studying!), so I have struggled finding clients - and finding time!. I would really appreciate some tips on finding clients. In fact, though I registered here a couple of years ago, I had not actually ever logged in. I am also looking for information on how to get sponsors for the events. My main website is http://organizedbizness.com/ My VA website is http://organizedva.com/
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