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  1. Press Release Stairs of Success offers businesses the first step to keeping the in-box empty. What do you do if there isn’t enough room in your budget for a secretary? Hire a virtual assistant. North Richland Hills, August 15, 2003: April Shockey, Owner of Stairs of Success offers business owners, home based businesses, sales people and Real Estate professionals a way to out source their administrative tasks. By offering a virtual business support service devoted to assisting with administrative and technical tasks, professionals can do what they do best - promoting their business. Whether it’s writing a thank you note to a customer or putting together a proposal she can handle it all from her office. By combining extensive computer knowledge, modern technology, and years of business experience, Stairs of Success provides services including desktop publishing, real estate support services, schedule coordination, information processing, basic web site design and administrative services from her own office to clients who may be hundreds of miles away or just down the block. “Virtual Assistants are the ideal staffing solution for business owners and can save them both time and money. Since VAs are independent contractors who work from their own offices, they don’t require space, office equipment, training, benefits, or other employee-related costs. VAs give the businessman access to a professional with skills and technology that will enhance their business image, are available when they need help, and are sincerely interested in helping their client’s business succeed,” explains April. Busy professionals are discovering the solution to their work overload and are delegating tasks to VAs who are quickly becoming virtual partners in their business success. Many have rejoiced at the ability to only pay for the time they use the VA and their services. Today people ask “What is a Virtual Assistant”, but soon they will ask “Who is your Virtual Assistant”. Stairs of Success can be reached at 817-656-4166.
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